Infectious Diseases

Infectious disease research covers a broad range of topics including microbial pathogenesis, epidemiology, immunology, and antimicrobial drug and vaccine development. Promega supplies many basic molecular biology reagents that are used extensively by researchers studying these disease processes. These products include genomic DNA, plasmid DNA and RNA extraction kits, sequencing reagents, cell health assays, cloning enzymes, and PCR systems.

In addition to these routine molecular tools, luminescence technologies such as firefly and NanoLuc® luciferase reporters and HiBiT protein tagging and detection system have found extensive application in the study of viral diseases. The small size of the Nanoluc® luciferase reporter and HiBiT tag make them particularly useful in small viral genomes, and the bright luminescence signal generated makes it possible to gain sensitivity in detecting viral activity in cells and organisms.

Viral Research, Testing and Assay Development

Key technologies supporting virology research include scalable RNA extraction systems amenable to automation, RNA production systems and luciferase-based assays for monitoring many key steps in viral pathogenesis


Luciferases are increasingly being used to study viral infectious diseases. These bioluminescence-based methods provide highly sensitive detection of specific cellular events such as viral entry, proliferation, and viral:host protein interactions.  

Cellular Immune Response

Promega cell health and energy metabolism products are applied to study many aspects of the host response to pathogens, including inflammasome activation, host cell metabolic changes and host cell viability.