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Plant Pathogen Detection

Plant pathogens that cause plant diseases can harm our agricultural ecosystems and have devastating impacts on our livelihoods. Scientists studying plant pathology or phytopathology in agriculture play a key role in monitoring and managing plant diseases. To support their efforts, we provide molecular tools that can rapidly and accurately detect and diagnose plant pathogens such as viruses, viroids, bacteria, fungi and yeast.

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Plant Pathogen DNA/RNA Extraction

The key to managing the spread of plant pathogens is rapid and accurate detection. Plant pathogen detection begins with extracting DNA or RNA from plant samples, including leaf, seed or root. High-quality DNA is essential for achieving reproducible results in downstream qPCR or next-generation sequencing (NGS) methods. Our Maxwell® Instruments and nucleic acid extraction kits allow automated extraction of up to 48 plant samples at once. DNA/RNA is purified in less than one hour and can be used directly in qPCR and other downstream detection methods.
plant leaf pathogen detection

Protocols for Plant Pathogen Nucleic Acid Purification

Find protocols below for extracting plant pathogen DNA/RNA from infected plant tissue.

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Download Xylella fastidiosa Extraction ProtocolDownload Phytoplasma Extraction Protocol

Plant Pathogen PCR Detection

Our qPCR and RT-qPCR products can detect and amplify target sequences of plant pathogens to accurately diagnose plant diseases. We provide custom made-to-order PCR master mixes to detect your plant pathogen of interest, and the PCR Optimization Kit can help you determine the optimal amplification condition.

Xylella fastidiosa Detection Methods

Xylella fastidiosa is a plant pathogen that has caused immense destruction to our environment and economy. This bacterium is spread by insects and infects plant xylem, the tissue that transports nutrients from roots to leaves, causing the plant to starve and die within 1–2 years. Currently there is no cure for X. fastidiosa infection, and it has now spread across the globe. In Europe, 20 million olive trees have been infected, devastating the olive oil industry.

Molecular methods that allow fast, automated X. fastidiosa detection are crucial for monitoring the spread of the disease. Maxwell® RSC Instruments along with the Maxwell® RSC PureFood GMO and Authentication Kit is an established automated nucleic acid extraction method for identifying X. fastidiosa in infected plant tissue. An interlaboratory report supported by the European Union showed that the Maxwell® method achieves highly sensitive, accurate and reproducible results, with greater efficiency than traditional CTAB extraction.

Learn more about Xylella fastidiosa detection and how the Maxwell® method compares with CTAB extraction in this blog.


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