Product and Technology Guides

Learn more about basic and advanced methods for cell biology, nucleic acid analysis, protein analysis and basic research in these educational resources. Each guide provides an overview of the basic science behind the methods and techniques described, as well as links to products and other helpful resources.

Cell Biology

Introduction to 3D Cell Culture

3D cell cultures are increasingly being used for basic research and drug discovery. Here you'll learn what 3D cell cultures are, why and how they are being used, and how to validate assays that work with 3D models.

ATP Assays

Learn how ATP assays work and how to choose the right assays for your needs.

Cell Line Authentication Resources

Misidentified cell lines can lead to lost resources, time and effort. Explore why cell line authentication is important and learn how to confirm the identity of your cells.

Choosing a Luciferase Reporter Assay

A comparison guide to help you select the right luciferase assay for your needs.

Interpreting Multiplex Cell Health Data

The CellTox Green Cytotoxicity Assay can be used with other cell health assays to provide richer information about why and how cells die. This interactive guide teaches you how to interpret the results from these experiments.

Live-Cell Kinetic Assays for Time Course Analysis

Learn how live-cell kinetic assay kits allow you to repeatedly measure one sample well over time, allowing you to get better data while saving time and precious samples.

Assays for Biochemical Targets

This selector tool is designed to help you quickly find the right Promega assay for your protein target of interest.

Cell Imaging

An overview of methods used for imaging studies in cell biology.

Reporter Genes and their Applications

How to use bioluminescent reporter genes to study eukaryotic gene expression and cellular events.


An introduction to apoptotic cell death, including methods to confirm apoptosis.

Cell Viability Assay Guide

How to choose the right cell viability assay for your needs.


A guide to transfection including protocols and optimization tips.