Live-Cell Kinetic Assays for Time Course Analysis


Are you performing time-course and dose-response experiments?


Are you working with precious primary or patient cells?


Are you doing drug screenings?

Live-cell kinetic assays are detection reagents that allow the same sample well to be repeatedly measured over multiple time points. This saves you time and effort, enabling you to collect more informative data in real time. Learn how you can get better quantitative data without cumbersome multi-plate setups.

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Discover a new generation of sensitive, microtiter plate-based, live cell assays that allow the continuous measurement of different biomarkers of cell health and apoptosis.

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Live-Cell Kinetic Assays and Citations

We offer a portfolio of individual live-cell kinetic assay reagent kits that measure a variety of cellular responses. Learn more about what you can measure from the table below, and search Google Scholar for peer-reviewed publications using our assays.

What You Can Measure Molecular Readout Kinetic Assay Kit Peer-Reviewed Citations
Apoptosis and Necrosis Annexin V: Phosphatidylserine binding RealTime-Glo™ Annexin V Apoptosis and Necrosis Assay Search Citations
Cell Viability Reducing potential of cells RealTime-Glo™ MT Cell Viability Assay Search Citations
Cytotoxicity Membrane impermeable DNA dye CellTox™ Green Cytotoxicity Assay Search Citations
Cytotoxicity LDH Release LDH-Glo™ Cytotoxicity Assay Search Citations
Metabolic Phenotype (including glycolysis and glutaminolysis) Glucose Glucose-Glo™ Assay Search Citations
Metabolic phenotype, including glycolysis and glutaminolysis Glutamine and glutamate Glutamine/Glutamate-Glo™ Assay Search Citations
Metabolic phenotype, including glycolysis and glutaminolysis Glutamate Glutamate-Glo™ Assay Search Citations
Metabolic phenotype, including glycolysis and glutaminolysis Lactate Lactate-Glo™ Assay Search Citations
Protein:Protein Interactions Various NanoBiT® PPI Starter Systems Search Citations
Reporter Expression Various Nano-Glo™ Extended Live Cell Substrates Search Citations
Target Engagement Various (including epigenetic and kinases targets) NanoBRET® Target Engagement Assays Search Citations

Transform Your Time-Course into a One-Plate Experiment

No more separate wells for every time point. One plate setup gets you unlimited data.

Less setup, less cells, less time, less pipetting, less reagents, less... well... everything.

Standard Apoptosis Multi-Plate Method

Endpoint Assays vs RealTime Apoptosis Assays

Real-Time Apoptosis Assay

Apoptosis progression in single well with annexin V assay 14344ma-w-a

Download this poster to learn how the RealTime-Glo™ Annexin V Apoptosis Assay can be used with various cell models exploring the kinetics of apoptosis.

Learn How These Assays Work

We provide a portfolio of individual live-cell kinetic assay kits. All of these assays allow you to read the same sample plate over multiple time points. The workflow varies based on the different reagent chemistry. 

Example Workflow #1: Repeated Reading from Same Well

Plate your cells and add the reagent once. Then read the plate at each time point, as many times as you need! Our Cell ViabilityCytotoxicityTarget EngagementReporter ExpressionApoptosis, Extracellular ATPProtein:Protein Interactions and Targeted Protein Degradation assays use this workflow.


Example Workflow #2: Repeated Sampling from Same Well

Plate your cells just once. At each time point, remove a small sample of cell media, add reagent and read. Repeat sampling as many times as you need! Our LDH Release and Energy Metabolism assays use this workflow.


Learn how the RealTime-Glo™ MT Cell Viability Assay is used to screen for novel cancer drugs

No More Missing Time Points

Every second, cellular conditions are changing.

What if you miss that one time point that matters?

With real-time assays, you don't need to guess when things will be interesting. 

Make a real curve! Collect data from however many time points you need, all from a single well.

Webinar: Real-Time Live-Cell Imaging and Analysis for Drug Discovery

Learn how live-cell kinetic assays can help your drug discovery research.
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