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Microplate Readers

GloMax® instruments are highly sensitive, easy-to-use microplate readers with luminescence, fluorescence and absorbance detection capabilities. These high-performance instruments are offered in a choice of configurations to suit varying detection needs, from dedicated luminometer to advanced microplate reader functionality.

All GloMax® microplate readers are designed to work seamlessly with Promega luminescence- and fluorescence-based assays:

  • GloMax® Discover is a microplate reader with luminescence, fluorescence, BRET/FRET and UV-Visible absorbance detection capabilities. 
  • GloMax® Explorer microplate reader is available with luminescence, fluorescence and absorbance detection capabilities, or with luminescence and fluorescence only.
  • GloMax® Navigator is a dedicated plate-reading luminometer. 

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What is a Microplate Reader?

Many biological assays use bioluminescent, fluorescent or colorimetric reactions to generate a light signal, which must be quantified to interpret the experimental result. If the assay is conducted in a microwell plate, the light output from these assays is measured using a microplate reader (or plate reader). Microplate readers are commonly used in life science laboratories.

Microplate readers may include the ability to detect a single type of light signal, such as fluorescence or luminescence, or may provide more sophisticated capabilities allowing detection of multiple types of signal. Microplate readers capable of detecting multiple signals (such as fluorescence, luminescence and absorbance) are known as multimode readers.