Benchtop Automated DNA/RNA Extraction From Any Sample

Obtain high quality nucleic acids with little hands-on effort using Maxwell® instruments and magnetic bead-based purification kits.

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Automate Nucleic Acid Extraction with Maxwell® Benchtop Instruments

Consistently extract high-quality DNA/RNA from any sample type with Maxwell® instruments:

  • Obtain purified nucleic acids ready for NGS and qPCR workflows.
  • Save at least 40 minutes hands-on time per run with load-and-go methods.
  • Process 1–16 or 1–48 samples at once.
  • Minimize user error with cartridge-based purification kits and intuitive software.

What we liked about Maxwell was its simplicity.

Chris Groves
Laboratory Manager at University of Oxford

Consistently Extract Ultrapure Nucleic Acids

Spend less effort troubleshooting unsuccessful extractions.

Maxwell® instruments use cartridge-based Paramagnetic Particle Moving Technology to simplify DNA/RNA extraction, prevent sample cross-contamination and improve sample-to-sample consistency.

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Over 130 application notes provide protocol details and purification data from numerous sample types.

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Compare Maxwell® Instrument Features

All Maxwell® Instruments include UV-light decontamination and tablet PC.

Maxwell® RSC
Maxwell® RSC 48
Maxwell® FSC
Application Research Use Only Research Use Only
Forensic Use Only
Catalog Number AS4500 AS8500 AS4600
Throughput Up to 16 Samples Up to 48 Samples Up to 16 Samples
Quantus™ Fluorometer*
(for quantification)
Included Optional Optional
Bar Code Reader Optional Included Included
UV-Light (for decontamination) Included Included Included
Vision System** Not Available Included Not Available
Compatible with Maxprep® Liquid Handler Yes Yes Yes
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*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

**The Vision System is an integrated feature that reduces the possibility of user errors when setting up an extraction run. This includes checking for cartridge positions, removal of cartridge foil seals, presence of plungers and elution tubes, etc.

What Maxwell® Users Are Saying

The automated purification process consistently delivers quality nucleic acid, freeing scientists’ time for other important work.


It saves me in total about 40 minutes per [16] samples, and I do 4 runs per day, so that is almost half a day.

Maxwell customer testimonial-automated DNA and RNA extraction

Yan Tsou
Laboratory Research Scientist
Francis Crick Institute


It really is the workhorse of our lab in terms of DNA extraction… allowing us to process multiple samples at once with minimal hands-on time.

Maxwell customer testimonial-automated DNA and RNA extraction

Thomas Turner
Senior Post Doctoral Research Scientist
Anthony Nolan Research Institute

Service and Support

One Call Supports It All

One Call Supports It All

Promega supplies both the reagents and the instrument, so one call to Promega answers any questions you may have about assay chemistries and instrument performance.

Ensure Minimal Instrument Downtime

Ensure Minimal Instrument Downtime

  • Field Support and Loaner Programs
  • Service Packages
  • IQ and OQ Packages
Warranty and Service Agreements

Warranty and Service Agreements

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We offer live virtual demos and options for onsite evaluation for any Maxwell® instrument, including time to ask all your questions, totally free.

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