Helix: On-Site Stocking by Promega

With the Helix on-site stocking program, you'll have easy, 24/7 access to the reagents and products you need. No hassle, no paperwork, just more time to focus on science.

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Have you ever found yourself at a critical moment with a missing or expired reagent? Our Helix on-site stocking program is there to help. Your Helix unit is customized to stock the products that you need and managed to ensure fresh products are always available. With free shipping and automated billing, Helix saves you both time and money. Just scan your pass and grab what you need.

I just registered for a pass. What's next?

Check the inventory of your Helix unit by logging into your Promega.com account. Don't see what you're looking for? Request to add products to your Helix unit through your account or by clicking "Add to Helix" on a product page.

Go Green with Helix

Your Helix unit helps save the environment through consolidated shipments, efficient restocking plans and reduced packaging. In addition, we purchase carbon credits to offset the greenhouse gas emissions of shipping, distributing and stocking. We've offset over 900 tons of carbon dioxide by supporting projects worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions
I think my institution has a Helix unit - how can I locate it and get access?

In your Promega.com account, you can use our Site Locator tool to find a Helix unit near you. If you do not currently have a Helix pass, you can register for one to access the unit.

What type of Helix units are available?
Promega's Helix On-Site Stocking program supports various sizes of cabinets, refrigerators and freezers. Learn more about the Helix collection here
What if Helix doesn't stock the product I need?
You can add a new product to your unit by clicking "Add to Helix" on any product page, as long as the temperature requirements match your unit. You can also email us directly at helix@promega.com to request a product addition. If the product you need is not able to be stocked in any Helix, please login to your Promega.com account and purchase via the web or contact Customer Service if you require additional assistance. 
How does my Helix unit know what I'm taking?
Helix units use RFID technology to identify which products are present. When an item is removed and the door is shut, the Helix unit will scan itself to identify what is no longer in stock. It will then send an invoice to the account linked to your pass. 
Can a Helix unit work with our eProcurement system?
Yes - if you'd like to learn more, click here or contact eprocurement@promega.com. 

For more information, read the Helix User's Manual. Read More