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We know that not every institution is the same. With that in mind, we can configure Helix units to suit all of your needs to provide a seamless purchasing experience. From inventory to billing, a Helix unit can help you save money and increase efficiency.

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The Helix Workflow

Register online for a passcard


Swipe your passcard at a Helix unit and grab what you need


Unit scans, IDs and purchases product


Inventory is updated and invoice is created

Your Helix unit can help you eliminate manual processes from your purchasing process and reduce the administrative burden of purchasing lab supplies. We offer options for integration with both marketplace and in-house eProcurement systems, and our experts are available to work directly with you to configure Helix based on your requirements.

Explore the Helix collection and see which unit could fit into your institution

Helix Large Freezer TS093

Helix Freezers

Freezers are available at –20°C with internal capacity of either 5 or 10 cubic feet. 
Download Specs for Large Freezer Download Specs for Small Freezer Download Specs for Small Freezer EU


Helix Refrigerators

The 4°C refrigerator contains 5 cubic feet of storage space. 
Download Specs for Refrigerator

The countertop refrigerator has 1.2 cubic feet of storage space.

Download Specs for Countertop Refrigerator


Helix Ambient Cabinets

Ambient cabinets are available with internal capacity of either 5 or 10 cubic feet. 
Download Specs for Large Cabinet Download Specs for Small Cabinet