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Global Supply Logistics That Grow with You

Our customers are our most important partners. We know that receiving your orders on time is critical to keeping your lab work flowing uninterrupted. Our multipronged approach for product manufacturing and delivery helped us supply the products you needed with little to no disruption during the recent unprecedented, global supply chain challenges.

Meeting Your Needs Through Careful Planning

From product manufacturing to qualified freight partners, our expansive global logistics operation and distribution network was thoughtfully developed from beginning to end. Our goal is to meet or exceed your expectations for product delivery. Through constant monitoring and process improvements, we strive to limit disruptions that could interrupt your work.

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Consistently Delivering Products On Time Year-over-Year

>95% Global Order Fill Rate


*We have steadily remained above 94.5% global order fill rate, with some regions as high as 98%. Our metrics have remained steady even through pandemic impacts.

Even during a pandemic, Promega made it a priority to help us receive reagents as soon as possible, with much shorter lead times than alternative vendors.

— Katie Hales, Scorpion Therapeutics

Reliable End-to-End Supply Chain Management

From product manufacturing excellence to qualified freight partners, our expansive global logistics operation and distribution network was thoughtfully developed from beginning to end. Meeting or exceeding your expectations for product delivery is our focus at every step. Through constant monitoring and process improvements, we have limited disruptions that could interrupt your work.

Product Availability

Supplying you with high-quality products is the core goal of all our planning. Much of the critical materials needed for our products is manufactured inhouse, and we partner with local suppliers whenever possible. Many of our suppliers are located within 50 miles of our manufacturing facilities. These measures help us ensure our quality standards are met and allow us to mitigate disruptions to manufacturing and product availability.

Order Fulfillment

It doesn’t matter if you are ordering from California, Korea, India or Germany, you need your order to arrive on time and ready to use. Receiving your order is just the first step in the process for order fulfillment. Our inventory management system helps us keep the right products stocked and makes it easy for us to quickly prepare your order for shipment. By continually learning improving our inventory management and logistics plans we are able to quickly respond to changes in the global markets.

Product Delivery

You need your orders to arrive when you expect them, and our freight partners play an integral part in making this happen. We actively monitor metrics for each of our carriers and can transition to other options when needed. Finally, using advanced tracking methods in some packages helping us better understand their journey so we can proactively mitigate delays.

Brady Musson, Director of Global Logistics

What You Need, When You Need It: Monitoring and Responding to Ongoing Supply Chain Disruptions

Visit the blog post written by Brady Musson, Director of Global Logistics, to read how our planning and processes for product manufacturing, order fulfillment and delivery gives us the flexibility to weather uncertainty and instability and enables us to respond to the unexpected.

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