Cell Signaling

Cell Signaling Categories

AMP Detection System

The AMP-Glo™ Assay is a homogeneous assay that generates a luminescent signal from any biochemical reaction that produces AMP. This versatile system can measure the activity of a broad range of enzymes.


An assay that detects UDP produced from glycosyltransferase reactions that use UDP-sugars as a donor substrate.

GPCR Assays

Obtain better dynamic range and more biologically relevant data with the easy-to-use GloSensor™ assay format for live cell analysis.

Growth Factors

Achieve consistent biological responses with highly purified, recombinant growth factors.

GTPase Detection System

A sensitive and easy-to-use assay to measure the activities of GTPases and their associated proteins (i.e., GEFs and GAPs) in vitro.

Histone Deacetylase Assays

Simple, "add-mix-measure" luminescent assays for detecting HDAC and Sirtuin enzyme activities.

Kinase Assays

Count on minimal interference from screening your compound library with luminescent, ATP-based kinase assays. These sensitive and reliable assays are easily scaled to meet your throughput needs.

Nuclear Receptor Pathway Tools

Follow nuclear receptor pathways with tools ranging from specific expression vectors to cell lines engineered to express your receptor of interest.

Protein Phosphatase Assays

Expect more from non-radioactive phosphatase assays that provide the high level of sensitivity and reliability (Z´-factor > 0.7) required for your high-throughput screening studies.