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Cell Viability and Cytotoxicity Assays

We offer an extensive line of effective and innovative assays and reagents for determining cell viability and cytotoxicity. Choose from assays to measure viability in cell culture, 3D microtissues, bacterial cultures and virus-infected cells. Many can be multiplexed with apoptosis and other viability assays to determine mechanisms of cell death and sensitively compare data from well-to well, plate-to-plate, and day-to-day.

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LDH-Glo™ Cytotoxicity Assay

Bioluminescence-based LDH assay for sensitive detection of cytotoxicity in samples low in cell number, including 3D microtissues.

J2380, J2381

RealTime-Glo™ MT Cell Viability Assay

A bioluminescent method to kinetically monitor viability in cell culture up to 72 hours.

G9711, G9712, G9713

CellTiter-Glo® 3D Cell Viability Assay

A homogeneous method optimized to assess viability in 3D cell culture.

G9681, G9682, G9683

CellTiter-Glo® 2.0 Assay

Updated CellTiter-Glo® Cell Viability Assay with improved reagent stability. Quantifies cell proliferation based on ATP detection.

G9241, G9242, G9243

Viral ToxGlo™ Assay

A quantifiable method of determining viral-induced cytopathic effects (CPE) in host cells caused by lytic virions.

G8941, G8942, G8943

Lysis Solution

Detergent solution useful for lysing cells and creating a cytotoxicity positive control.


CellTox™ Green Cytotoxicity Assay

Measures changes in membrane integrity. Kinetically monitors cytotoxicity up to 72 hours with multiplex capability.

G8741, G8742, G8743, G8731

CellTiter-Glo® One Solution Assay

Gold standard method for determining cell viability based on quantitation of ATP.

G8461, G8462


Detergent solution for permeabilizing cells and creating a cytotoxicity chemistry positive control.


CytoTox-Glo™ Cytotoxicity Assay

Highly sensitive luminescent cytotoxicity assay that measures the relative number of dead cells.

G9290, G9291, G9292

MultiTox-Glo Multiplex Cytotoxicity Assay

A fluorescent and luminescent assay that measures the relative number of live and dead cells in a population.

G9270, G9271, G9272

CytoTox-Fluor™ Cytotoxicity Assay

A single-reagent-addition, homogeneous, fluorescent assay that measures the relative number of dead cells in cell populations.

G9260, G9261, G9262

MultiTox-Fluor Multiplex Cytotoxicity Assay

A single-reagent-addition fluorescent assay that measures the number of live and dead cells in culture wells.

G9200, G9201, G9202

BacTiter-Glo™ Microbial Cell Viability Assay

Measure the number of viable microbial cells in culture with a luminescent signal proportional to the amount of ATP present.

G8230, G8231, G8232, G8233

CellTiter-Blue® Cell Viability Assay

Monitor cell viability with this homogeneous, resazurin, fluorescent assay.

G8080, G8081, G8082

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