Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Search and download Safety Data Sheets for Promega chemical products.

How to Search

Enter the Catalog (or REF) number from the Kit Product Label, found on the outside of the Promega box or the kit packaging sheet. Do not use the number on individual parts. The SDS for the kit will include details for all individual parts within that kit, even if there is only one part. Avoid searching the product name, as search results will include all similar products which contain that phrase.


Do use the Kit Product Label

Individual components and parts from Promega kits

Do not use the label on individual parts


Sustainability Update

To support our sustainability aspirations, we now automatically send paperless Safety Data Sheets for more than 1,000 products. This will save over 500,000 sheets of paper every year.

A proud part of our Environmentally Preferable Products initiative.

Want to receive electronic Safety Data Sheets? Email us at

Can't find an SDS?

We no longer generate an SDS for every Promega product, only chemical products. Products that are not chemicals, such as plastics (e.g., elution tubes, plungers, plates) and labware (e.g., magnetic stands, vacuum pumps, heating blocks) do not have an SDS.

Part numbers that end in a letter (e.g., M742A), custom orders that contain any X (e.g., X1234X), early access materials that start with a CS (e.g., CS123456) and lot numbers found on product tubes or bottles are not searchable here.

If you need a customized SDS, please email our chemical regulatory team at If you have other questions, our Technical Support team would be happy to help.