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AAF-Glo, AccessQuick, ADP-Glo, AgarACE, AMP-Glo, AmpSolution, ApoLive-Glo, ApoTox-Glo, AuthentiMax, BacTiter-Glo, Bio-Glo, Bright-Glo, Calpain-Glo, cAMP-Glo, CaspACE, Cell ID, CellTiter-Fluor, CellTox, CelluACE, Champs, CheckMate, ChipShot, Chroma-Glo, Chroma-Luc, CodeBreaker, CytoTox-Fluor, CytoTox-Glo, CytoTox-ONE, DeadEnd, Diamond, Differex, DLR, DLReady logo, DNA IQ, DPPIV-Glo, DUB-Glo, EGGstract, Eluator, EnduRen, Erase-a-Base, FastBreak, Find My Gene, FluoroTect, GammaSTR, GeneClip, GeneEditor, GenePrint® logo, GloResponse, GloSensor, Glucose Uptake-Glo, GoScript, GSH-Glo, GSH/GSSG-Glo, GTPase-Glo, HaloCHIP, HaloLink, HDAC-Glo, HisLink, Identity Automation, ImProm-II, InCELLect, LigaFast, Luciferin-EF, MagaCharc, MagnaCel, MagneGST, MagneHis, MagZ, MAO-Glo, Mitochondrial ToxGlo, MTase-Glo, MULTI-CORE, NAD/NADH-Glo, NADP/NADPH-Glo, NAD(P)H-Glo, NAD(P)/NAD(P)H-Glo, NanoDLR, ONE-Glo, P450-Glo, pAdVAntage, pBESTluc, pCAT, pCMVTnT, PDE-Glo, Personal Automation, pGEMEX, pGeneClip, pGloSensor, Pgp-Glo, PI3K-Glo, PinPoint, PowerTyper, PReMiS, PromegaExpress, Promega Points, Protease-Glo, ProteaseMAX, Proteasome-Glo, psiCHECK, psiLentGene, psiSTRIKE, pTargeT, pTnT, PunchSolution, PureYield, Quantus, R110Direct, Rapid Response, READase, READIT, READIT® design, ReadyAmp, RealTime-Glo, ReliaPrep, RiboMAX, RNase ONE, ROS-Glo, siCHECK, siLentGene, SILVER SEQUENCE, SilverSTR, SIRT-Glo, siSTRIKE, Slicprep, SoftLink, STR Normalization Manager, Suc-LLVY-Glo, SwabSolution, TaqBead, TetraLink, Tfx, TMRDirect, Transcend, TransFast, Turbo, UDP-Glo, UGT-Glo, Ultra-Glo, ViaFect, ViviRen, VivoGlo, Western Express, Z-LRR-Glo, Z-nLPnLD-Glo, Z-RLRGG-Glo, Z-VDVAD-Glo and Z-VEID-Glo are all trademarks of Promega Corporation, Madison, WI, USA.

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