PCR Categories

Hot-Start PCR

Learn about our products available for hot-start PCR including master mixes and direct-to-loading dye options.

Routine PCR

Experience improved PCR performance with GoTaq® DNA Polymerase products.

Long PCR

Amplify up to 30kb from genomic DNA using GoTaq® Long PCR Master Mix, a new system that allows easy setup of sensitive and efficient long PCR.

qPCR and RT-qPCR

Sensitive, dependable qPCR and RT-qPCR kits for probe- or dye-based real-time PCR and multiplex qPCR.


Easy, dependable and robust reverse transcriptases and RT-PCR kits for reverse transcription of full-length cDNA from abundant and rare mRNAs.

PCR Cloning

Product details and technical resources for T-vector cloning: The easy way to clone and express PCR products.