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Fit-for-Purpose Lyophilized PCR Amplification Assays

We can simplify and expedite the development of your lyophilized amplification assay specific to your needs to help you accelerate the development of your point-of-care application.

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Everything You Need in a Single Bead

We have invested time optimizing our reagent formulations to better support our customers, streamline the development process and mitigate risks involved in the lyophilization process. Our lyophilized beads offer a flexible format that simplifies sample preparation and is easily amenable to the stability and storage needs of customer applications.

Accelerate Your Time to Results

A singular bead contains your entire reaction—all you need to do is add sample. Not only does this save time by streamlining the sample preparation process, it also bolsters consistent, reliable performance by reducing the potential for human error.

Whether you need a simple PCR assay or require a comprehensive reaction with primers and probes, our versatile fit-for-purpose lyophilization capabilities can be modified to fit your specific needs.

everything you need in a single bead

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Download this flyer to learn more about our fit-for-purpose lyophilization capabilities at your leisure.

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Flexible, Scalable Format

Our lyophilized beads offer a format to support and enhance your workflow while minimizing waste. Some of the benefits include:

Adaptable Format—Beads can be easily scaled to meet any reaction volume and application as your manufacturing needs grow and change.

Flexible Dispensing Options—Beads can be dispensed into nearly any customer-specified format, including bottles, 96-well plates and 8-well strip tubes.

Easy Integration for Sample-to-Answer Assays—Bead format allows for simple integration into the design and manufacture of sample-to-answer diagnostics.

Ambient Storage—Reactions are stable without cold-chain transport or storage.

bulk with primers and probes
Bulk with Primers and Probes
8-well strip tubes
8-Well Strip Tube
96-well plates
96-Well Plate

Lyophilization Partnership Process

We can efficiently support our customers in the development, verification and production of a lyophilized PCR amplification assay. Here is what the process of developing a fit-for-purpose lyophilized PCR amplification assay looks like.

lyophilization partnership process
Summary of Fit-for-Purpose Lyophilized PCR Amplification Assays

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Lyophilization Development and Manufacturing Capabilities All Under One Roof

primary manufacturer
Primary Manufacturer

As a primary manufacturer of PCR enzymes and reagents, we control all aspects of product manufacturing, from raw materials through finished product. With integrated logistics support and multiple global inventory locations, we can circumvent the lag time and effectively eliminate supply chain uncertainty to ensure consistent supply.

40 plus years custom experience
Fit-for-Purpose Service

Avoid the additional time, complications and handoffs that can delay your development process by working with a lyophilization service providers who is also a reagent supplier. With our full custom service offerings, whether you need a full kit with primers and probes or just reagents, we can deliver a custom solution that best fits your workflow.

35 years of pcr
Experienced, Trusted Partner

For nearly 40 years, we have been a leading provider in the PCR and amplification space. Tap into our experience and expertise, and collaborate directly with the scientists designing, manufacturing, and testing your products.

iso 13485 and 9001
Quality Manufacturing

Get all the benefits of a customer-centered quality system without having to make the investment or build the controls yourself. Our products are manufactured under a rigorous quality system that meets ISO9001 and ISO13485 to ensure consistent, reliable manufacture.

Environmentally Sustainable

shelf stable
Shelf-stable reactions with no special storage conditions needed
reduced carbon emissions
Reduced shipment packaging cuts carbon footprint of transport 
no toxic chemicals
No need for hazardous chemicals
no dry ice

No dry ice and transporting via cold chain required