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Application Notes

Application Notes contain protocols and example data demonstrating use of Promega products with extended sample types and experimental conditions.

We've curated collections of Application Notes for nucleic acid purification from numerous sample types, and for use of GloMax® plate readers with a variety of assays.

Nucleic Acid Extraction Application Notes

Search our Nucleic Acid Extraction Application Notes database to find protocols for DNA or RNA extraction from your sample type of interest. The database includes manual, Maxwell and plate-based methods, and is continually updated. Search for all sample types, or use the Plant and Food collection to limit your search to specific food- and agriculture- related topics.

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Plant and Food Sample Application Notes

This collection includes protocols for manual and automated DNA or RNA extraction from various plant and food sample types. Each Application Note contains a protocol and example data.

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DNA Extraction Protocols image-56882596

GloMax® Detection System Application Notes

GloMax Discover System Multimode Plate Reader

GloMax® microplate readers, luminometers and fluorometers are designed to work seamlessly with Promega bioluminescence- and fluorescence-based assays.

These Application Notes illustrate many of the ways in which GloMax® Instruments have been used and include Promega assays as well as other commonly available chemistries.

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Quantus™ Fluorometer Application Notes

The Quantus™ Application Notes collection contains example protocols and data generated using the Quantus™ Fluorometer with Promega QuantiFluor® dsDNA, RNA and ssDNA systems, as well as with other commercially available fluorescent dyes.

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