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Upcoming Webinars

Lumit Technology Webinar Series

Immunoassays are an essential tool for life science researchers, widely used for decades. Applying bioluminescent technology to this well-accepted assay format to create Lumit™ Immunoassays has made analyte detection faster and easier than ever before. This webinar series will introduce you to Lumit™ Immunoassay technology and highlight key research areas where bioluminescent immunoassays have supported research discoveries.

Part 1: Bioluminescent Analyte Detection with Lumit Immunoassays

In the first part of this series, we will introduce Lumit™  technology, a novel bioluminescent immunoassay platform, and how the technology can be applied to a variety of assay formats. Dr. Dan Lazar from Promega will describe how bioluminescence makes immunoassays faster and easier, and how you can apply this technology to your research needs.

Dan Lazar, PhD, Senior Research Scientist, Promega Corporation

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Part 2: Using Lumit™ Technology to Address Inflammasome-mediated Cytokine Release

In the second part of this series, Drs. Martha O’Brien, Promega, will dive into inflammasome research. Learn how simplifying cytokine detection from cultured cells supports inflammasome research.

Martha O’Brien, Senior Research Scientist, Promega

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Part 3: Ask the Experts: Implementing Lumit™ Immunoassays

Join other Lumit™ users and experts for an interactive panel discussion on immunoassay technology. Submit your challenges with existing immunoassays and join in the discussion. R&D scientists and Technical Service Scientists will be available to answer your questions.

Dan Lazar, PhD, Martha O’Brien, PhD, and Hicham Zegzouti, PhD, Senior Research Scientists

Wednesday, February 15 - 10am CDT / 11am EDT / 4pm London / 5pm Amsterdam-Paris
Thursday, February 16 - 12pm Singapore / 3pm Sydney / 1pm Seoul / 9:30am New Delhi

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Part 4:  Advances in Glucagon Detection Supporting Diabetes and Metabolic Disorder Research

In the fourth part of this series, Drs. Donna Leippe, Promega, and David Piston, University of Washington, will describe how his lab uses islet perifusion as a key tool in their diabetes research. This model generates hundreds of samples per experiment and requires high-throughput immunoassays to measure insulin and glucagon secreted from the islets. See how Lumit™ Immunoassay technology speeds up the analysis of these samples, allowing you to get results faster.

Donna Leippe, PhD, Senior Research Scientist, Promega.
David Piston, PhD, Professor and Head of Cell Biology & Physiology, Washington University School of Medicine

Wednesday, March 15 - 10am CDT / 11am EDT / 3pm London / 4pm Amsterdam-Paris
Thursday, March 15 - 12pm Singapore / 3pm Sydney / 1pm Seoul / 9:30am New Delhi

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Wastewater Disease Surveillance Roundtable Discussion

The wastewater disease surveillance community still faces many challenges today. Join this Forum with several panelists where they will discuss these challenges, identify ways to further expand the reach of testing implementation, engage in best practices and methodologies, creating communication channels to relay information to proper stakeholders, and ensuring the data is understood. You can participate in this discussion using audio, video and typing questions.

Dr. Kayley Janssen, Scientist, Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene, UW-Madison
Dr. Edwin Oh, Associate Professor, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Dr. Bina Nayak, Water Research Project Manager, Pinellas County Utilities
Dr. Bradley Schmitz, Senior Environmental Scientist, Loudoun Water
Dr. Daniel Gerrity, Principal Research Microbiologist, Southern Nevada Water Authority

Wednesday, March 1, 2023 - 9am CST / 10am EST / 3pm London / 4pm Amsterdam-Paris

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Wednesday, March 1

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