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Promega Webinars

Welcome to the Promega Webinar Series, an ongoing communication designed to keep you informed. Learn about basic concepts, tips and techniques to help your research, or understand how products were designed and how to implement in your lab. Most presentations are given by Promega scientists and you will have an opportunity to interact with our Technical Service Scientist directly during live events via chat. The webinars are free though we do ask that you register for the events. Registration allows us to send you the URL for the webinar.

Accelerate Time to Market by Leveraging a Manufacturing Partnership


Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Jennifer Romanin, MS and Jason Miller, PhD

Life science research is opening up exciting new applications for biotechnology and clinical products. The benefits of a collaborative manufacturing partnership can bring those advances to market sooner. This webinar will review key considerations for evaluating potential custom partners, followed by examples and lessons learned from Promega Corporation's experience as a custom manufacturing partner for a variety of markets.

Did you miss one of our webinars? Simply select the appropriate link below and view the recorded webinar. It will not be interactive, but you will see the chat questions the original attendees asked. For additional information on the products discussed in the webinar, explore our links to videos and other resources.

If there is an area you would like to see covered, you can request a topic of your choice.

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Ask the Experts: Cell Health Assays Q&A

Cell-Based Assays

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Dr. Terry Riss and Andrew Niles, Promega Corporation

Which cell health assay should I choose? How do cell viability, cytotoxicity or apoptosis assays work? How can I monitor cell health in real-time? If you’re new to cell health or have questions about your current assay, join us for this Q&A session. Our cell health experts will help you get the answers you need!

Smoothing the Transition to MPS for Forensic Laboratories

Genetic Identity

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Dr. Peter de Knijff

Forensic laboratories have much to consider before adopting massively parallel sequencing (MPS). In this webinar, Dr. Peter de Knijff will discuss considerations around implementation of MPS in the forensic laboratory, including advantages and disadvantages, workflow and data analysis, and results from his work using a prototype of the PowerSeq™ 46GY System.

Targeting Proteins for Degradation: Characterizing PROTAC Kinetics and Mode of Action Using Live-Cell Assays

Cell-Based Assays

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Kristin M. Riching

Despite the promising potential of PROTAC compounds in new drug discovery strategies, interrogating the multiple steps required to achieve effective PROTAC-mediated target protein degradation remains a challenge. This webinar will describe a platform of live-cell assays that can be used to measure real-time degradation kinetics and key cellular protein interactions mediating the degradation process. Join us to learn how these tools can be used to improve functional and cellular characterization of your PROTAC compounds.

Application of BRET Technology to Quantitatively Determine Kinase Inhibitor Potency in Live Cells

Drug Discovery

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Matthew Robers and Kelvin Lam

Methods for measuring kinase inhibitor potency in live cells are limited. In this webinar, we describe how the NanoBRET™ Target Engagement technique is overcoming technical limitations of existing methods by broadly enabling quantitative determination of kinase inhibitor occupancy in live cells. We also discuss a collaboration between Promega and Reaction Biology Corporation that has enabled conversion of these assays into a service compatible with high-throughput cell-based profiling.

A Multimodal Assay for Quantitating and Interpreting Changes in Autophagic Flux

Cell-Based Assays

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Dan Lazar, PhD and Gary Allenby, PhD

Monitoring autophagy using imaging or western blotting methods can be cumbersome, low-throughput and subjective. Learn about a new LC3 reporter assay with three modalities (plate-reader based, imaging and blotting) to help scale up your autophagy analysis with confidence.

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