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Veterinary Science Research Tools

Veterinary science focuses on improving and maintaining the health and well-being of domestic, companion and exotic animals. Research on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of veterinary diseases is not only important for the health of animals but also contributes to human health and our environment. We support veterinary science researchers with molecular tools to help develop effective vaccines, detect pathogens and diagnose diseases.

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Veterinary Vaccine Development and Production

Veterinary vaccines are important tools to prevent diseases in animals. A major challenge in vaccine development is the need for rapid, large-scale production. The development of RNA vaccines can solve this issue due to its fast, inexpensive and scalable properties. The use of modified nucleosides can further increase RNA stability, enhance translation, and reduce inflammatory response.

Products for Veterinary Vaccine Development and Production

We provide several systems for large-scale in vitro transcription of RNA to support RNA vaccine development and production.

RNA production for veterinary vaccine development-illustration

Veterinary Pathogen Detection, Disease Diagnostics and Genotyping

The ability to detect veterinary pathogens and diagnose diseases quickly and accurately is crucial for maintaining animal health. This process often involves extracting DNA or RNA from animal tissue, blood, urine or feces, in order to perform PCR amplification to identify the infectious agent.

Nucleic Acid Extraction

We offer scalable nucleic acid extraction solutions for a wide range of sample types and throughput needs—from single samples to high-volume processing. Our high-throughput Maxwell® HT chemistries can be used with most leading liquid handling robotic systems. We can also help your lab implement or customize a sample extraction workflow.

We developed DNA/RNA purification protocols for various animal samples (e.g., cattle, canine, salmon). Search our database to find a protocol for your sample. Can’t find what you need? Contact our Technical Services team, and they’ll work with our Applications Scientists to develop a solution just for you!

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DNA and RNA extraction and PCR tools for veterinary pathogen detection

Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction Instruments

Maxwell® RSC Instruments are compact, automated nucleic acid purification platforms that process up to 16 or 48 samples simultaneously. Using prefilled cartridges and preprogrammed methods, they provide consistent, reliable DNA or RNA extraction in 25–60 minutes, depending upon sample type.

PCR Products

Our qPCR and RT-qPCR products can detect and amplify target sequences of veterinary pathogens to accurately diagnose diseases. XpressAmp™ Direct Amplification Reagents can be used to prepare animal samples for direct qPCR or RT-qPCR analysis without prior RNA or DNA extraction.

Need a product modified?

We offer custom and bulk formulations, custom packaging and format options, as well as automation support and custom assay development.

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