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Speed up your workflow and improve your clients’ drug discovery and development using industry-leading Promega technologies. Choose from over 4,000 off-the-shelf products, or explore our flexible custom solutions supported by expansive R&D expertise. We are committed to supporting your success by maintaining the highest quality standards, on-time delivery and post-delivery support.

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Customer Success Stories

Case Study: CellTiter-Glo® Assay

Customer Problem

Routinely performed plate-by-plate CellTiter-Glo® assays and needed economy of scale for high-throughput applications. But they were concerned about procurement and billing issues that would be caused by the need to split larger dispense volumes orders across clients, formulations, and tailored product sizes.

Promega Solution

A custom packaging of 96 × 10ml CellTiter-Glo was developed. This allowed them to bulk order purchase of the 10ml vials vs a bulk order at a larger dispensing volume. This streamlined their ordering process, while allowing easy billing by ‘plate’.
“For several years, Axxam, a leading CRO specializing in bioactive molecule identification across diverse life sciences industries, has found an invaluable ally in Promega. Through our collaborative efforts, we've leveraged a diverse array of Promega reagents and tools to pioneer sensitive and reliable cell-based and cell-free assays. These assays, meticulously designed for adaptation to fully automated systems, empower us to conduct High Throughput Screening campaigns in miniaturized formats, facilitating the discovery of novel bioactive compounds.
The high quality and novelty of Promega’s products, supported by their highly professional technical assistance, makes Promega a first-in-class partner to establish challenging HTS.”
Jörg Hüser, Chief Scientific Officer, Axxam

How to Work With Us

Commercial Use of Promega Products: Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our products do not have restrictions for commercial use; however, some products and technologies are covered by a limited use label license(s) (LULL) that precludes commercial use. Below are answers to some of the most common questions we are asked. For additional information, download our enablement Guidelines. If you need additional information, contact us, and we can help.
Download Guidelines

Question: What are the legal restrictions for using Promega Products/Technologies in commercial service work?
Answer: Many of our products can be used without any need of any additional licensing or agreement. Some products, however, are covered by limited use label license(s) that restricts commercial use and/or transferring to another party. If you interested in using products in fee-for-service work, please contact us and we will work with you to find a solution. In many cases, we can offer a no-cost agreement to enable using these products in fee-for-services.

Question: Can a Pharma/Biotech company transfer Promega Products to a CRO and have them use the products to provide services to that Pharma/Biotech company?
Answer: Yes. We can execute on a no-fee transfer agreement if the products of interest are restricted for commercial use.

Question: Can my organization purchase Promega CRISPR cell lines and use in services for multiple clients?
Answer: No. However, a CRO can purchase and use CRISPR cell lines on behalf of a specific client, or a client can transfer the CRISPR lines they purchased.

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