Liver Models and Lipid Metabolism: From Monolayer to Microtissue

Promega-InSphero 2-Session 3D Webinar Series: Session 2

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to liver models
  • Tips for culturing 3D hepatospheroids
  • Cell-based assays optimized for 3D models


Liver cell models are a valuable tool for studying NASH/NAFLD, but can be challenging to culture long-term.  In this joint webinar, we break down the facts about the existing liver cell models, from 2D monolayer of hepatocytes to 3D co-culture models. We will share experience using 3D liver co-culture models for drug efficacy and safety assessments, along with information on assays used to interrogate the models. We will demonstrate why measuring multiple markers, including viability, cytotoxicity, and triglyceride levels, provides more relevant and predictive results for drug discovery efforts.



Michael Valley, PhD
Senior Research Scientist

Michael Valley is a Senior Research Scientist in the Assay Design Group at Promega. He earned a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Illinois and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics from the University of Minnesota. He has been trained as an enzymologist, and since joining Promega in 2004, he has been applying his enzymatic skills to a variety of luminescent assays. These include reporter assays (ONE-Glo, Renilla-Glo, and Nano-Glo), drug metabolism assays (MAO-Glo), and viability assays (CellTiter-Glo 2.0 and CellTiter-Glo 3D). He is now working on developing cellular energy metabolism assays, such as a luminescent assay to measure glucose uptake (Glucose Uptake-Glo) and, most recently, assays for detection of lipid metabolites (Glycerol-Glo, Triglyceride-Glo, and Cholesterol/Cholesterol Ester-Glo).


Sue Grepper, PhD
Senior Application Scientist, InSphero

Dr. Sue Grepper is a Senior Application Scientist at InSphero Inc. A toxicologist with nearly 20 years of experience in industry, sue applies her extensive knowledge of human liver toxicity and disease to support the efforts of pharma companies investing in NAFLD and NASH drug discovery and safety testing. 

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