Lab Equipment and Supplies

Lab equipment and supplies used in molecular and cell biology labs includes highly specialized instrumentation for data collection and analysis, equipment designed to automate repetitive processes, increase productivity and free up time, and routine laboratory supplies.

Promega offers GloMax® luminometers, fluorometers and plate readers for data collection and analysis, the Maxprep®/Maxwell® liquid handler/extraction instrument combination for automating sample prep and nucleic acid purification, and HSM 2.0 devices for automating large-volume extractions in 50ml conical tubes.

We also offer everyday supplies for molecular and cell biology experiments, including basic biochemical reagents and consumables such as plates, tubes, vacuum manifolds, magnetic stands, etc. 

Lab Equipment Basics

Plate readers are sophisticated detection and data analysis systems that are an essential piece of equipment for most labs. GloMax® luminometers, fluorometers and plate readers provide detection capabilities for luminescence, fluorescence and absorbance-based assays, along with preloaded protocols and integrated data analysis software. They provide an easy-to-use interface that makes them a popular choice for many laboratories. 

The Maxprep® Liquid Handler is a robotic system designed to automate sample preparation for the Maxwell® Instruments as well as post-extraction applications such as PCR reaction setup. Maxwell® instruments purify nucleic acids using a simple cartridge-based method and can be used alone or combined with the Maxprep® System for more automated workflows. Maxprep and Maxwell are designed to free up time by automating routine and time-consuming lab procedures.

In addition to instrumentation, we offer personalized support to simplify the process of automating sample prep in your lab. Our modular nucleic acid purification solutions let you adapt your laboratory workflow as your needs change. Our team of automation experts are available to help design an optimized high-throughput solution that meets your laboratory’s needs.