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Small Molecule Drug Discovery

The process of small molecule drug discovery can be complex and challenging. A typical workflow begins with hit identification and assay development, and carries through to preclinical candidate selection. High-throughput screening of drug candidates plays in essential role in the drug discovery process.

Promega offers a comprehensive selection of tools to accelerate drug discovery, based on an innovative, sensitive bioluminescence platform.


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Support for CROs

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Small Molecule Profiling and Assay Development

Partner with us to access our latest technologies and materials for drug discovery research and development.

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Drug Discovery Conferences and Tradeshows

Promega scientists will be attending and speaking at key drug discovery conferences and tradeshows throughout the year. Join us to learn more about innovative solutions to accelerate your research.


Event Name 2023 Dates Location Presentations
DDR Inhibitors Summit January 24–26 Boston

View 2023 Presentation

View 2022 Presentation

Molecular Glue Drug Development Summit January 24–26 Boston View 2023 Presentation
2nd GPCRs-Targeted Drug Discovery Summit February 21–23 Boston  
Next Generation Kinase Inhibitors Summit February 22–23 Boston View 2023 Presentation
SLAS 2023 International Conference and Exhibition February 25–March 1 San Diego  
Targeted Protein Degradation and Targeting the Undruggables March 15–16 Boston  
3rd Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD) Summit Europe March 28–30 London View 2022 Presentation
DDC (Drug Discovery Chemistry) April 10–13 San Diego View 2022 Presentation
AACR (American Association of Cancer Research) April 14–19 Orlando  
AAI (American Association of Immunology) May 11–15 Washington, DC  
3rd Induced Proximity-Based Drug Discovery Summit May  Boston View 2022 Presentation
ASGCT (American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy) May 16–20 Los Angeles  
Targeted Protein Degradation and Targeting Undruggables September Basel, Switzerland View 2022 Presentation
5th RAS-Targeted Drug Development Summit September Boston View 2022 Presentation
DOT (Discovery on Target) September 25–28 Boston  
6th Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD) Summit October Boston View 2022 Presentation
SFN (Society for Neuroscience) November to be determined  
4th Gene Therapy Analytical Development
November to be determined View 2022 Presentation
5th Inflammasome Therapeutics Summit
November to be determined View 2022 Presentation
6th RNA-Targeted Drug Discovery Summit
December to be determined  
Targeted Protein Degradation Assay Development and Screening Summit
December to be determined View 2022 Presentation

About Small Molecule Drug Discovery

The pathway from identification of a novel drug candidate to preclinical trials can be complex. From screening compound libraries to measuring the interaction of a compound with its protein targets to examining the effects on cell health, the process of drug discovery relies on rapid, sensitive and high-throughput assays.

Technologies developed by Promega can help streamline the drug discovery process. NanoBRET™ target engagement assays quantitatively measure target occupancy and compound affinity in live cells. A comprehensive collection of CRISPR-edited cell lines and clones with popular targets fused to a small bioluminescent tag, supports these live-cell assays. In addition, these engineered cells are ideal for studying the effects of degrader compounds, such as PROTACs, IMiDs and molecular glues, in real time. Bioluminescence technology also forms the basis for assays to examine signaling pathways in kinase biology and to study oncogenesis, such as the RAS signaling pathway.

Our small molecule drug discovery products and technologies are supported by a range of services, including our partnerships with CROs and early access to the latest research products and technologies through our Elite Access program.