Cell Health Screening Assays

Study the effects of drug candidates on cell health, using high-throughput assays. Perform comparative analysis by multiplexing assays with other measures of cell health, such as apoptosis and autophagy.

Cell Health Tools for Drug Discovery

An overview of bioluminescent cell health assays to monitor cell health parameters in response to drug treatment

Cell Viability, Proliferation and Cytotoxicity

These real-time and endpoint assays in a simple, add-mix-read format are ideal for secondary screening and lead optimization. Measure the effects of drug candidates on cell health, proliferation and cytotoxicity with automation-friendly protocols, including cells in 3D culture.

The CellTiter-Glo® 2.0 Cell Viability Assay is a highly sensitive assay with broad linearity. It is scalable to 384-well and 1,536-well plates for high-throughput primary screening applications.

The Lumit® hKi-67 Immunoassay for Cell Proliferation is an easy add-mix-measure plate-based assay for tracking Ki-67, a well-known marker of cell proliferation.

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Apoptosis and Necrosis

Choose from a range of kits and reagents for screening compounds that induce apoptosis. Measure markers of apoptosis, such as caspase activity and phosphatidylserine exposure, using bioluminescent or fluorometric detection. Assays can be multiplexed to detect cell health biomarkers.

The gold standard Caspase-Glo® 3/7 Assay is ideal for primary screening with a simple, homogeneous protocol. 

The RealTime-Glo™ Annexin V Apoptosis and Necrosis Assay allows continuous monitoring of apoptosis onset and secondary necrosis in the same plate.

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3D Cell Culture

3D cell cultures are growing in popularity for screening applications because they are more physiologically relevant and better represent in vivo biology, compared to monolayer cultures. These assays to screen drug candidates for effects on cell health and functional performance have been optimized to work with common 3D cell model systems.

Learn more about choosing cell health assays for 3D cultures with this overview.

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Cell Health Screening Assay Resources

Energy Metabolism Webinar

The Assay Guidance Manual: A Guide for In Vitro and In Vivo Assays in Early Drug Discovery

This article presents an overview of three chapters from The Assay Guidance Manual focused on selection, development and optimization of various assays used for drug development.

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CellTiter-Glo® 2.0 Assay: The Next-Generation ATP Assay

No thawing. No mixing. Less waste. Faster time to results. This video shows how the CellTiter-Glo® 2.0 Assay improves on classic chemistry with a more convenient format.

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High-Throughput Drug Screening Using 3D Cell Cultures

This blog post reviews a research publication about the development of a high-throughput, 3D spheroid-based screening assay to identify drug candidates that target RAS proteins.

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