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Apoptosis Assays

In addition to our gold standard bioluminescent Caspase-Glo® Assays, we offer a wide range of kits and reagents for studying apoptosis including fluorometric and colorimetric caspase assays, TUNEL assays, apoptosis antibodies, inhibitors, and other markers for apoptosis.

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RealTime-Glo™ Apoptosis and Necrosis Assay

A one-step, plate-based assay for continually monitoring apoptosis progression.

JA1011, JA1012, JA1000, JA1001

VivoGlo™ Caspase 3/7 Substrate

Firefly luciferase substrate cleaved by caspase-3 and -7 to generate measurable light.

P1781, P1782

Caspase-Glo® 9 Assay Systems

Measure caspase-9 activity with this homogeneous, luminescent assay.

G8210, G8211, G8212

Caspase-Glo® 8 Assay Systems

Measure caspase-8 activity with this homogeneous, luminescent assay.

G8200, G8201, G8202

Caspase-Glo® 3/7 Assay System

An easy-to-use, plate-based luminescent assay for detecting caspase-3/7 activity.

G8090, G8091, G8093, G8092

Apo-ONE® Homogeneous Caspase-3/7 Assay

Sensitive fluorescent assay to measure active caspase-3 and -7.

G7792, G7790, G7791

Anti-ACTIVE® Caspase-3 pAb

Specific in situ marker for apoptosis that detects the active form of caspase-3.


CaspACE™ FITC-VAD-FMK In Situ Marker

A fluorescent pan-caspase inhibitor to detect caspase activity in live cells.

G7461, G7462

Anti-PARP p85 Fragment pAb

In situ marker of apoptosis. Recognizes p85 PARP fragment resulting from caspase-3 cleavage.


Caspase Inhibitor Z-VAD-FMK

A cell-permeant pan caspase inhibitor that irreversibly binds to the catalytic site of caspase proteases and can inhibit induction of apoptosis.

G7231, G7232

DeadEnd™ Colorimetric TUNEL System

A modified TUNEL Assay that provides accurate detection of apoptotic cells in situ.

G7360, G7130

ApoLive-Glo™ Multiplex Assay

Measure viability and caspase-3/7 activity in the same sample well to confirm mechanisms of cell death.

G6410, G6411

ApoTox-Glo™ Triplex Assay

Measure viability, cytotoxicity and apoptosis in one sample well to confirm mechanism of cell death.

G6320, G6321

DeadEnd™ Fluorometric TUNEL System

Classic TUNEL Assay for the specific detection and quantitation of apoptotic cells.


Caspase-Glo® 6 Assay Systems

Measure caspase-6 activity with this homogeneous, luminescent assay.


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