Certificates of Analysis



What is a Certificate of Analysis? »

A Certificate of Analysis is issued for each lot of product. The information on a Certificate of Analysis varies with each product. The most common information includes:

  • Product name
  • Catalog number
  • Lot number
  • Product storage and handling information
  • Product biological source
  • Product formulation
  • Product concentration or activity
  • Quality Control Testing. The quality control tests that are required vary for each product. Typical quality control testing is often related to an analysis of the product itself and how it performs. You may see any or all of the following types of testing reported on a Certificate of Analysis:
    • Product purity, both physical and functional
    • Contaminant testing
    • Product concentration
    • Performance testing
  • Lot-specific test results that are helpful for using the product

When looking at the product label (kit box or product package) example:

  • REF refers to the catalog or product number (e.g., A6011)
  • LOT refers to the lot or batch number (e.g., 0000000461)
REF_LOT Example

NOTE: Part Numbers and Lot Numbers found on a product tube or bottle are not searchable. Please contact your local Promega Technical Service for assistance when searching for a Certificate of Analysis.