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Get 20% Off Lipid Metabolism Assays!

Now through December 31st., 2021 save 20% on Promega's Lipid Metabolism Assays with Code ENERGY20. Promega lipid metabolism assays provide sensitive, simple methods to detect and quantify glycerol, triglyceride, cholesterol and cholesterol esters. Valid only on orders through Promega.com. One time use only. Discount is off of list price. Not valid with any other promotional offers. For U.S. and Canada customers only. ​ Valid on J3150, J3151, J3160, J3161, J3190, J3191.


Get 30% off Select Taq Products!

Offer ends December 31, 2021, valid only on orders through Promega.com on GoTaq®️ products: M7660, M7122, M7123, M7132, M7133, M3001, M3005, M3008, M7822, M7823, M7832, M7833, M7841, M7845, M7848, M7801, M7805, M7806, M7808, M7401, M7405, M7406, M7408, M7422, M7423, M7432, M7433, M4021, U1511, U1515, U1335, U1245, U1330, U1420, U1240, U1410, U1191, M8901, M8911, M8291, MM8295, M8296, M8297, M8298, M7911, M7921, M7502, M7505, M5122, M5123, M5132, M5133, M5001, M5005, M5006, M5008, C1291, C1141, C1145, U1431, U1432, A3511, A3513, U1205, U1202, U1201, U1215, U1211, U1212, U1225, U1221, U1222, U1235, U1231, U1232. One time use only. Discount is off list price. Not valid with any other promotional offers. For U.S. and Canada customers only.


Free Control Vector

Detect firefly and NanoLuc® Luciferase activities in a single, convenient format with Nano-Glo® Dual-Luciferase® Reporter Assay, the most sensitive, powerful dual-reporter assay available.

Promega's Academic Access Program offers researchers access to cutting edge technology and specific pricing on Promega’s full catalog of cell-based functional bioassays and pre-built CRISPR engineered cell line.
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Promega’s Training Support Program offers a generous 50% price discount to instructors using DNA, RNA, protein or cell-based techniques in their course.
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