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The Promega Training Support Program allowed the laboratory training experience to be brought to a level more representative of doing research in the biotech industry and as a result this experience has strengthened a new wave of young researchers that will become an integral part of the research community in years to come.

- Instructor at Brandeis University
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How to Qualify

Instructors must be leading a classroom-based course

Middle School

High School



Post Graduate

Follow These Steps

Participants must complete an application and provide the following details

course list

Course name, date range, description and class size

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Brief description of how product(s) will be used

Dolly green handle

Contact information and shipping address

Product List

Provide a list of desirable Promega product(s)

Techniques At Your Fingertips

From making a streak plate to setting up end-point PCR, our quick how-to videos are the perfect format for learning vital lab skills.
Access Student Resource Center Video Playlist

Product Exclusions

Almost all products listed in our current online catalog qualify with the following exceptions:

  • FuGENE® 6 and FuGENE® HD Transfection Reagents qualify for only a 10% discount off list price
    • Instrumentation and a small number of items offered under special licensing
    • Product requests for Genetic Identity, Industrial and Environmental Testing and Molecular Diagnostics are reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis.
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