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Corporate Sustainability

Planet Aware: Our commitment to preserving and improving the natural environment by maintaining a long-term view of what is needed to thrive for the next 100 years and beyond.

Status Toward 2020 Goals

Goals and reductions are indexed to revenue over 2015 levels. All goals are ahead of target. 

Distribution and electricity status towards 2020 goal
Gas and carbon status towards 2020 goal
Waste and water status towards 2020 goal

Reducing the Effects of Air Emissions from Product Distribution

By decreasing the size and weight of packaging and using efficient modes of transportation, we have reduced emissions by 26% as indexed to revenue over the last ten years. Our ‘Ship Ambient’ project launched last year reduced packaging weight, size and need for foam coolers without impacting product performance. In addition, our Helix® on-site stocking system helps consolidate shipments by tracking product use in real time and offers a net-zero emissions distribution method. See how shipping products has become more environmentally friendly.

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Photovoltaic panels on the roof of Madison campus parking ramp

Reducing Carbon Emissions Through Energy Efficiency

Because energy usage contributes to 70% of global carbon emissions, using less energy is a significant focus for employees globally. To minimize the effects of electricity usage, we invest in energy efficiency, generate electricity from photovoltaic panels and purchase electricity from renewable sources. In the last year, gross electricity usage decreased by 2% even with an increase in building footprint.

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Minimizing Waste

The “reduce, reuse, recycle” mindset is part of the DNA of our company. Our global efforts to decrease the amount of waste have included recycling protective garments from our laboratories, as well as shrink wrap, plastic bottles, pipette tip boxes and e-waste. In the last year we increased recycling levels by 2% while decreasing landfilled waste.

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One of the hardest things for people to wrap their heads around tends to be the idea that small wins add up to big victories. However, if we want to make a big difference for the future of our planet and its people, we have to overcome our indifferences towards so many small things in life.

– Mauro Ciglic, General Manager, Promega AG

Sustainable Solutions with Environmentally Preferable Products

With our growing portfolio of products, we want to make a conscious effort to help you be eco-conscious in your lab. Our environmentally preferable products use less packaging, fewer hazardous components and generate less waste. These products can support your existing practices and empower you to discover new opportunities for advancing your sustainability efforts.

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Promega's new sustainable kit packaging

Redesigning Our Packaging to be More Sustainable

You may have noticed our kit packaging looks different. We are committed to sustainability and our redesigned packaging kept sustainability at the center. See what our award-winning sustainable packaging looks like and how the efforts of many people resulted in a leaner, more sustainable box.

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Reducing Packaging Materials

We continually evaluate the sustainability of our packaging to use less paperboard, ink and adhesive, use environmentally friendly materials, and design for recycling or reuse while maintaining product protection and quality. Our environmentally conscious efforts include switching to smaller shipping boxes to use less materials, changing to unbleached shipping boxes with sustainably harvested materials and using biodegradable and recyclable air pouches that protect our products. In addition, we have implemented designs that minimize package air space and incorporate better insulating materials, efforts that reduced both shipment weight and the amount of dry ice.

Water usage since 2015 is down 27 percent

Conserving Water

From collecting rainwater for cleaning and irrigating plants in Australia to low-flow faucets and toilets in California and Wisconsin, conserving water is an integral part of how Promega functions. In the last year, gross water usage decreased by over 7.5 million liters or 2 million gallons. Since 2015, water usage has reduced by 27% as indexed to revenue.