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Maxwell® RSC Plant RNA Kit

Maxwell RSC Plant RNA Kit 48 preps
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Automated RNA Extraction from Plant Tissues

  • Extracts RNA from a range of plant sample types with no organic reagents
  • Cellulose-based paramagnetic particles offer higher binding capacity for increased yields
  • Extracted RNA is ready for downstream applications


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Maxwell® RSC Plant RNA Kit
48 preps
$ 296.00
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Benchtop RNA Purification from Plant Tissues

The Maxwell® RSC Plant RNA Kit is used with the Maxwell® RSC Instruments to provide an easy method for efficient, automated purification of RNA from plant tissue samples. The Maxwell® RSC Instruments are supplied with preprogrammed purification methods and designed for use with predispensed reagent cartridges, maximizing simplicity and convenience. The kit provides the reagents required for processing 48 samples and uses prefilled cartridges for purification, maximizing simplicity and convenience. The Maxwell® RSC can process from 1 to 16 samples and the Maxwell® RSC 48 can process 1 to 48 samples in under an hour. The purified RNA can be used directly in a variety of downstream applications including RT-qPCR, gel electrophoresis, microarrays and Next-Gen sequencing.

  • Extracts amplifiable nucleic acids with minimal contaminants and enzyme inhibitors.
  • Consistent extraction means less variability compared to traditional competing methods (CTAB and manual spin columns).    
  • Purifies up to 48 plant tissue samples in less than 60 minutes with minimal preprocessing and no organic reagents.



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Item Part # Size Available Separately


A208B 1 × 900μl

Maxwell® RSC Cartridge (RSCO)

AS174A 48 × 1 each

Elution Tubes (0.5ml)

AS620A 1 × 50/pk View Product

Blue Dye

C888A 1 × 50μl

Lysis Buffer

MC501C 1 × 20ml

Nuclease-Free Water

P119C 1 × 25ml View Product

Homogenization Solution

Z305H 1 × 30ml

DNase I (lyophilized)

Z358A 2 × 1 vial View Product

RSC Plungers

AS1670 1 × 48/pack View Product

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For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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U.S. Pat. No. 6,855,499 and other patents.

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