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Maxwell® RSC or FSC Firmware, Software and Methods

Updates and methods for Promega Maxwell® Instruments, firmware and software.

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Firmware, Software and Methods Downloads


Firmware and Software

Latest versions:
Firmware v4.17
Software v3.0.3

Firmware Installation Instructions:

  1. Download and Save the "9801-200-rev-417-rsc-firmware.zip" file to your hard drive and extract all the contents of the zip file.
    Note: Make sure to extract the file from the zip archive.
  2. Re-connect the instrument to the PC, and power the instrument ON.
  3. Install the Firmware by launching the Instrument Programmer from the Apps menu by swiping from the right edge of the Tablet and selecting the search function. Type Instrument Programmer into search box and then click on the icon.
  4. Select the Firmware Browse button and navigate to the file location in step 1.
  5. Select the Firmware file with the extension of .bin and select Open.
  6. Click the Program button and wait for the process to complete. Restart the instrument when prompted and press OK.
  7. Launch the Maxwell® FSC Software and go to the Settings -> Instrument Info to verify that the Firmware version is updated.

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Software Installation Instructions:

  1. Ensure you have Firmware v4.17 or higher (Home->Settings->Instrument Info).  If you do not have version 4.17 firmware, use the download button above and follow the instructions.
  2. Export results that may still reside within the Maxwell® RSC or FSC Software into a file in a different directory on the Tablet PC or to your local PC drive to prevent data loss. All results and user-defined methods will be saved in the Maxwell® RSC FSC Software and accessible after updating to the new software version. This is merely a precautionary step.
  3. Power OFF the instrument and disconnect it from the PC.
  4. Download and Save the "9801-210-rev-303-rsc-fsc-software.zip" file to your hard drive and extract all contents of the zip file. 
    Note: Make sure to extract the file from the zip archive. 
  5. Right click on the "Maxwell Software Installer v3.0.3.51.exe" file and select Run as Administrator.
  6. When prompted select the appropriate instrument that you are updating (Maxwell® RSC or Maxwell® FSC) and click Next.

    Screenshot showing how to pick the Maxwell® RSC or FSC instrument
  7. Follow any remaining prompts and wait for installation to complete.
  8. Launch the Maxwell® FSC Software and go to the Settings -> Instrument Info to verify that the Software version is updated.

Need help? techserv@promega.com


Each method download contains the specific automated method necessary to run the Maxwell® RSC or FSC Instrument. The download includes encrypted files with a .package extension. 

Maxwell® RSC or FSC methods can be downloaded from any PC computer (Microsoft Windows® 7 or higher) with an available USB port.