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Made-To-Order 2X PCR Master Mix

GoTaq® MDx Hot Start Polymerase and MgCl₂ in Proprietary Buffer Containing dNTPs

  • Build your 2X PCR Master Mix after using our PCR Optimization Kit
  • Manufactured under cGMP
  • Achieve consistency specific to your assay

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This product is discontinued
Made-To-Order 2X PCR Master Mix

Your Custom Master Mix Delivered on a Silver Platter

The 2X PCR Master Mix is a made-to-order custom master mix.* Once your order is received, your custom master mix will be delivered in 10 business days. The 2X formulation contains customer defined concentrations of GoTaq® MDx Hot Start Polymerase and MgCl2, in a proprietary buffer containing dNTPs. These concentrations are determined by using our PCR Optimization Kit. You can choose to have your 2X PCR Master Mix dispensed in 25ml bottles or 1ml tubes. Each product is delivered with a product lot-specific Certificate of Analysis.

* Minimum order quantity (25ml) required.

No-Hassle Customization

Use the PCR Optimization Kit to determine your PCR assay’s optimal formulation. Tell us your formulation and we will manufacture it under cGMP and deliver to you a 2X PCR Master Mix for convenient and robust PCR assay performance. Simplify your work to achieve consistency specific to your assay.

Made-to-Order 2X PCR Master Mix Product QC

The 2X PCR Master Mix and components are manufactured under cGMP and QC tested for attributes described below.


Product Use Limitations

The 2X PCR Master Mix is intended for general laboratory use and may be used as a component of a diagnostic assay where applicable country laws allow. When using the product as a component in a diagnostic assay, the user is responsible for determining the product’s suitability for use in the assay and for establishing the appropriate assay performance characteristics. The 2X PCR Master Mix does not confer specificity in an assay. Specificity is dependent on the primers and assay conditions used in the amplification assay. Amplification controls should be included in any assay(s) that use the product.

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