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Lumit™ Cytokine Immunoassays for Biologics

Activating immune cells is the mechanism of action for many biologics, such as monoclonal antibodies and cell and gene therapy products. Potency assays that measure cytokine release from immune cells are important for lot release and characterization purposes. Traditionally, ELISAs have been used for cytokine detection, but the process is often tedious and slow. Learn how Lumit™ Cytokine Immunoassays can help you get results faster.

In-Well Cytokine Detection, No Wash Steps!

Lumit™ Cytokine Immunoassays can detect released cytokines directly in-well with cultured cells. With zero wash steps, you can get results in 70 minutes or less!

lumit HMGB1 immunoassy workflow
For a biotech that understands time is of significant value, the Lumit™ Immunoassays are an essential way for us to gather reliable data fast so that we can reach conclusions and make decisions sooner.

Jonathan Chow, Principal Scientist, Corner Therapeutics

Same Results as ELISA, But Faster

Lumit™ Cytokine Immunoassays achieve very similar results as ELISA, but take significantly less time. Also, due to the expanded dynamic range of the assay, no sample dilutions are required.

Compare Lumit vs. ELISA quantification data of IL-6 release below.

View this video to learn how the Lumit™ Cytokine Immunoassay protocol compares with ELISA.

Comparison of IL-6 release from PBMCs using Lumit IL-6 Human Immunoassay and standard ELISA.17953ma-w

The Lumit™ IL-6 (Human) Immunoassay (left) and standard ELISA (right) were used to quantify IL-6 release from PBMCs. The results are similar, while the Lumit™ Assay was completed in one fifth the time of the ELISA, with no transfer, wash steps or plate washer needed.

Easily Measure Bispecific T Cell Engager Potency

Lumit™ Cytokine Immunoassays are suitable for use as bispecific T cell engager potency assays, such as in the example IL-2 and IFN-γ release data below. See more data in this poster: Novel Bioluminescent Bioassays for the Discovery and Development of Molecular and Cellular T -Cell Redirecting Cancer Therapy

lumit ifn-gamma release 17853ma
lumit il-2 release 17843ma

Purified CD8+ T cells (effector cells) were combined with Raji B cells (target cells) and a serial dilution of Blincyto® (CD3/CD19 bispecific T cell engager). IL-2 and IFN-γ were detected with the corresponding Lumit™ Cytokine Immunoassays to detect cytokine release from the effector cells.

Need a high-throughput solution?

You can easily detect cytokine release from hundreds of samples with Lumit™ Cytokine Immunoassays. The increased throughput means you can run a full dose-response curve of your biologic. See high-throughput data in this poster" "Rapid and Sensitive Determination of Cytokine Release from Cells without Sample Transfer".

Download Poster

Large Dynamic Range of Lumit™ Cytokine Immunoassays

The wide linear range of Lumit™ detection covers expected concentrations for most cell models. The performance characteristics of various Lumit™ Cytokine Immunoassays are listed below.

Immunoassay Lumit™ IL-2 (Human) Lumit™ IL-4 (Human) Lumit™ IL-6 (Human) Lumit™ IL-10 (Human) Lumit™ IFN-γ (Human) Lumit™ TNF-α (Human)
Limit of Detection (LOD; 3 SD above background) 11.2pg/ml 6.7pg/ml 7.5pg/ml 7.4pg/ml 1.7pg/ml 2.9pg/ml
Dynamic Range 28.2pg/ml–25ng/ml 18.2pg/ml–25ng/ml 18.2pg/ml–25ng/ml 18.2pg/ml–25ng/ml 7.3pg/ml–10ng/ml 18.2pg/ml–25ng/ml
Minimal Detectable Dose (MDD; 2 SD above background) 7.2pg/ml 4.5pg/ml 5.0pg/ml 4.9pg/ml 1.1pg/ml 2.0pg/ml

What’s in the Kits?

Each Lumit™ Cytokine Immunoassay Kit contains the following:

  • Recombinant human cytokine standard
  • Anti-cytokine mAb-SmBiT
  • Anti-cytokine mAb-LgBiT
  • Lumit™ Detection Substrate B
  • Lumit™ Detection Buffer B

Kits available for 100 assays, 500 assays or 1,000 assays. Contact your Promega representative to enquire about bulk pricing or sample availability.