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Lumit™ IL-2 (Human) Immunoassay

No-Wash Immunoassay for IL-2 Detection

  • Fast add-and-read protocol performed directly on cells
  • Luminescent detection with just a plate-reading luminometer
  • Scalable to 96- or 384-well plates
  • Available as early access material; please contact us for more information

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This product is discontinued
Lumit™ IL-2 (Human) Immunoassay

Quantify Cytokine Release Without Tedious Wash Steps

The Lumit™ IL-2 Immunoassay quantitatively measures released IL-2 in cell culture samples using a simple, no-wash protocol. Just add labeled antibodies to the sample, add detection reagent and read luminescent signal using a standard plate-reading luminometer. The entire protocol is completed in less than 70 minutes! The assay can be used directly on cells in culture or culture medium transferred to a separate assay plate.

How the Lumit™ IL-2 Immunoassay Works

Primary antibodies to IL-2 were selected for their specific and sensitive detection and labeled with the LgBiT and SmBiT subunits of NanoBiT® Luciferase. In the presence of IL-2, the subunits are brought together to form an active luciferase enzyme. Addition of optimized substrate generates a bright luminescent signal proportional to IL-2 levels.

How the Lumit™ IL-2 Immunoassay Works

Simple One-Plate Protocol, No Wash Steps

Lumit™ IL-2 Immunoassay Workflow

Large Dynamic Range of Lumit™ IL-2 Detection

The pg/ml to ng/ml linear range of Lumit™ detection covers expected concentrations for most cell models.

lumit il-2 standard curve 17842ma


IL-2 Human Immunoassay

Limit of Detection (LOD)

6pg/ml (3 SD above background)

Dynamic Range

28.2pg/ml – 25ng/ml

Assay Time

70 minutes

Sample Type

Cell culture supernatants

SD=Standard Deviation

Detect IL-2 Release as a Marker of T Cell Activation

Data showing IL-2 release as a marker of T cell activation

Purified CD8+ T cells (effector cells) were combined with Raji B cells (target cells) and a serial dilution of Blincyto® (CD3 and CD19 bispecific T cell engager). The Lumit™ IL-2 (Human) Immunoassay reagents were added directly to treated cell wells to detect IL-2 release from the T cells.

Lumit™ IL-2 Immunoassay is Scalable for High-Throughput Applications

Example data from Lumit IL-2 assay in 96- and 384-well format

Human PBMCs were plated in 96-well plates (left) or 384-well plates (right) at 40,000 cells/well or 10,000 cells/well, respectively, and treated with a cell stimulation cocktail to induce IL-2 release. The Lumit™ IL-2 Immunoassay reagents were added directly to the cell culture wells. The calculated EC50 values are similar in the 96-well plate and 384-well plate formats.

Kit Contents

  • Recombinant Human IL-2
  • Anti-hIL-2 mAb-LgBiT
  • Anti-hIL-2 mAb-SmBiT
  • Lumit™ Detection Substrate B
  • Lumit™ Detection Buffer B

For In Vitro Research Use Only.

U.S. Pat. Nos. 9,797,889, 9,797,890 and 10,107,800 and other patents and patents pending.
U.S. Pat. No. 8,809,529, European Pat. No. 2635582 and other patents and patents pending.

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