Lumit® Immunoassays Inquiry Form

The Lumit® Immunoassays listed below are available for sale by quote. Simply mark the assays of interest, submit the form, and we will contact you with availability, pricing and delivery timelines.

Samples are available for some assays. Please indicate your interest in the "Comments" box below.

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Lumit™ Immunoassays
Lumit™ IL-2 (Human) Immunoassay
Lumit™ IL-6 (Human) Immunoassay
Lumit™ IFN-γ (Human) Immunoassay
Lumit™ TNF-α (Human) Immunoassay
Lumit™ IL-4 (Human) Immunoassay
Lumit™ IL-10 (Human) Immunoassay
Lumit™ Insulin Immunoassay
Lumit™ Glucagon Immunoassay
Lumit™ HMGB1 Immunoassay
Lumit™ SARS-CoV-2 RBD:hACE2 Immunoassay
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