Lumit® IL-8 (Human) Immunoassay

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No-Wash Immunoassay for IL-8

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Lumit® IL-8 (Human) Immunoassay

Quantify IL-8 Release Without Tedious Wash Steps

IL-8 is a pro-inflammatory cytokine released by various immune cells to recruit other immune cells, especially neutrophils, to an injured or infected site. The primary functions of IL-8 are to serve as a chemoattractant to guide cells toward an inflammation site, activate other immune cells and stimulate the formation of new blood vessels. Dysregulated IL-8 levels and chronic inflammation have been associated with rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

The Lumit® IL-8 Immunoassay quantitatively measures IL-8 secretion in cell culture samples using a simple, no-wash protocol. Just add labeled antibodies to the sample, add detection reagent and read luminescent signal using a standard plate-reading luminometer. The entire protocol is completed in less than 70 minutes! The assay can be used directly on cells in culture or culture medium transferred to a separate assay plate.

How the Lumit® IL-8 Immunoassay Works

Primary antibodies to IL-8 were selected for their specific and sensitive detection and labeled with the LgBiT and SmBiT subunits of NanoBiT® Luciferase. In the presence of IL-8, the subunits are brought together to form an active luciferase enzyme. Addition of optimized substrate generates a bright luminescent signal proportional to IL-8 levels. The assay is specific to IL-8 and detects both 72 and 77 amino acid major isoforms.

Schematic of Lumit™ IL-8 Immunoassay concept showing LgBiT and SmBiT binding protein binding to IL-8 and forming NanoBiT® Luciferase.

Simple One-Plate Protocol Requires No Wash Steps

Lumit™ IL-8 (Human) Immunoassay workflow.

High Sensitivity of Lumit® IL-8 Immunoassay

The sub-picomolar to nanomolar linear detection range of the Lumit® IL-8 Immunoassay covers expected concentrations for most cell models.

Graph showing standard curve for Lumit™ IL-8 (Human) Immunoassay.


Lumit® IL-8 Immunoassay

Dynamic Range


Limit of Detection (LOD)

1pg/ml (3 SD above background)

Minimal Detectable Dose (MDD)

1pg/ml (2 SD above background)

Assay Time

70 minutes

Sample Type

Cell culture supernatants

SD=Standard Deviation

Optimizing the Lumit® IL-6 Immunoassay for High-Throughput Drug Screening

In this webinar, we share key considerations for scaling Lumit® Immunoassays from a single 96-well plate to many 364-well plates and offer tips for optimizing Lumit® Immunoassays for HTS applications. You will also hear Galapagos scientist Dr. Nick Verstraeten share how his team used the Lumit® IL-6 Immunoassay in a screening campaign for antiviral drugs.

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For a biotech that understands time is of significant value, the Lumit® Immunoassays are an essential way for us to gather reliable data fast so that we can reach conclusions and make decisions sooner.

Jonathan Chow, Principal Scientist, Corner Therapeutics

Patents and Disclaimers

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