Lumit® Active IL-18 (Human) Immunoassay


No-Wash Immunoassay for Active IL-18 Detection

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Lumit® Active IL-18 (Human) Immunoassay

Quantify Inflammasome Activation Without Tedious Wash Steps

The Lumit® Active IL-18 Immunoassay quantitatively measures active IL-18 in cell culture samples using a simple, no-wash protocol. Just add labeled binding protein with treatment, add labeled antibody, add detection reagent and read luminescent signal using a standard plate-reading luminometer. The entire protocol is completed in less than 70 minutes! The assay can be used directly on cells in culture or culture medium samples transferred to a separate assay plate.

How the Lumit® IL-18 Immunoassay Works

The Lumit® IL-18 Immunoassay uses one primary antibody to IL-18, selected for its specificity and sensitivity, and labeled with the LgBiT subunit of NanoBiT® luciferase in combination with the IL-18 Binding Protein, labeled with the SmBiT subunit of NanoBiT® Luciferase. In the presence of cleaved, mature IL-18, the NanoBiT® subunits are brought together to form an active luciferase enzyme. Addition of the optimized luciferase substrate generates a bright luminescent signal proportional to active IL-18 levels. The assay is specific to active IL-18 and does not detect pro-IL-18 or inactive IL-18 bound by endogenous IL-18 binding protein.

Schematic of Lumit™ IL-18 Immunoassay concept showing anti-IL-18-LgBiT and SmBiT-IL-18 binding protein binding to IL-18 and forming NanoBiT® Luciferase.

Simple One-Plate Protocol Requires No Wash Steps

assay protocol part 1
assay protocol part 2

Broad Linear Range of Lumit® IL-18 Detection

The picomolar to nanomolar linear detection range of Lumit® IL-18 Immunoassay covers expected concentrations for most cell models.

Graph showing standard curve for Lumit™ IL-18 (Human) Immunoassay.


Lumit® IL-18 Immunoassay

Limit of Detection

≤10pg (3 SD above background)

Dynamic Range


Assay Time

70 minutes

Sample Type

Cell culture supernatants

SD=Standard Deviation

Using Lumit® Technology to Address Inflammasome-Mediated Cytokine Release

In this webinar, Promega Sr. Research Scientist, Dr. Martha O’Brien, describes developing tools to measure inflammasome activation, including the Lumit® Active IL-18 Immunoassay and Lumit® IL-1β Immunoassay. Dr. O’Brien shows how Lumit® Assays can be multiplexed with other inflammasome assays to identify and rank the potency of inflammasome inhibitors.

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Detect IL-18 Release Following Inflammasome Activation

Bar graph showing active IL-18 detection in cells treated with Nigericin and LPS + Nigericin.

The Lumit® Active IL-18 (Human) Immunoassay was used to quantitate secretion of active IL-18 from THP-1 cells following treatment. Active IL-18 is found in cell culture media samples following treatment with either nigericin or nigericin + LPS but not in untreated cells or cells treated with LPS alone. The amount of active IL-18 secreted was calculated using the standard curve. Data shown is an average of 3 replicates; error bars represent standard deviation.

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