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HelloPhD Podcast

Getting your PhD is hard, but this podcast will make it easier. We’re proud to partner with HelloPhd and help spread the word about their entertaining approach to helping students, postdocs, faculty and scientists navigate the hard questions they face.

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Student Resource Center

Sometimes there's a specific technique that's giving you problems, or maybe an undergrad you're mentoring needs to learn the basics of what you do all day. Check out the Student Resource Center for resources on all kinds of cellular and molecular biology techniques, and even help with job applications and interviews.

Explore the Student Resource Center

104: How to Give a Perfect Poster Presentation

You can do better! With a little planning, collaboration, and hard work, you can make a poster presentation a vehicle for inspiring the next discovery and building your scientific network.

Listen: Episode 104

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108: My Green Lab with Allison Paradise

The CEO and founder of My Green Lab, a non-profit organization committed to making scientific research more sustainable, shares some simple tweaks busy scientists can make to be greener.

Listen: Episode 108

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093: The Grad School Mental Health Crisis, and What You Can Do About It

There’s no question that graduate training is stressful, but there is an alarming mental health crisis in academia. Learn about what Susanna Harris is doing to help by building the social media community @Ph_D_epression.

Listen: Episode 093

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Ask the Experts

Ask a Scientist

Having issues with an experiment? Not sure which assay will give you the answer you're looking for? Want to know more about a technique? Our Technical Support Scientists are here to help!

Ask a Scientist

Ensuring a Successful PCR Every Time

We’ve all had that heartbreaking moment: The UV light turns on and you realize there’s no band where your target sequence should be. PCR issues can ruin your day and set you back in your project, but our Technical Support Scientists are here to help.

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To NanoDrop® or Not to NanoDrop®

That is the quantitation question. Check out this webinar to figure out if NanoDrop is right for you.

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