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Getting your PhD is hard, but this podcast will make it easier. We’re proud to partner with HelloPhd and help spread the word about their entertaining approach to helping students, postdocs, faculty and scientists navigate the hard questions they face.

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Tips and Tricks for Science Writing

When it's time to share your results, make sure your audience leaves with a good impression. Register for our science writing webinar to get tips from Promega scientists.
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135: The Science Training Toolbox with Dr. Andres De Los Reyes

Join the hosts of HelloPhD for a conversation with a clinical psychologist about why academic training is so stressful. This episode also includes a discussion about racism in academia.

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127: Listener Mailbag: How Do You Stay Motivated in Grad School?

In this episode, Josh and Dan answer questions from listeners alongside Susanna Harris, founder of PhD Balance.

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146: Ace Your Virtual Graduate School Interview with Dr. Beth Bowman

Interviews are always nerve-wracking, but it’s even weirder when you can’t travel to the university. Check out these tips for nailing the interview despite challenging circumstances.

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Ask a Scientist

Having issues with an experiment? Not sure which assay will give you the answer you're looking for? Want to know more about a technique? Our Technical Support Scientists are here to help!

Ask a Scientist

Writing About Science: Tips and Tricks for Communicating Your Research

Submitting a journal article? Blogging about your project? Join our panel of scientists and science writers for a discussion about sharing your research effectively in a variety of formats.

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Tips for Creating & Presenting Scientific Posters

Need to make a scientific poster? Before you start editing that file your PI gave you, join the hosts of HelloPhD and the creator of the #betterposter format and learn how to create more user-friendly scientific posters.

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