My Green Lab

Academic labs can be the most resource-intensive spaces on campus—but they don’t have to be. We’re proud to expand our sustainability efforts by partnering with My Green Lab, a non-profit organization committed to making scientific research more sustainable.

Did You Know…

An illustration of a garbage truck driving by a landfill

Academic research labs throw away 12 billion pounds of plastic every year

An illustration of a an electrical cord ending in a plug

Academic lab buildings consume 5x more energy than office buildings

An illustration of a faucet dripping water

Academic lab buildings consume at least 4x more water than office buildings

An aerial view of a city block with different buildings called out in the color green

Labs typically consume 50% of the energy on a university campus despite occupying less than 30% of the space

An illustration of a freezer equaling a home

ULT freezers (-80s) typically consume as much energy as a home

An illustration of a hood equaling 3 and a half homes

Fume hoods typically consume as much energy as 3.5 homes

Learn more about reducing energy, water and waste in labs.

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What Can YOU Do?

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What Are We Doing?

Promega is committed to making our own research, manufacturing and distribution more sustainable. Our Planet Aware program has resulted in a redesign of our product packaging and a Greenovation Award for waste diversion. We strive to minimize the effects of product shipping and reduce carbon emissions through energy efficiency measures.