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ProNect™ Data Platform

Seamlessly translate assays into actionable insights with our cloud-based data platform.

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Effortless Insights

Skip the spreadsheet. Toss the thumb drive.

With the ProNect™ Data Platform, assay-specific apps transform raw data from Promega instruments and assays into results you can use, automatically.

Download the ProNect™ Data Platform FAQ to learn more.

Analyze Results with an Easy-To-Use Interface

Example Results from CellTiter-Glo® Assay


Seamlessly Connects with MyGlo™ Reagent Reader

Together, the ProNect™ Data Platform and MyGlo™ Reagent Reader provide a cloud-connected workflow that integrates instrument, assay and data analysis for your cell viability assays.

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Data, On-Demand

Access your data anytime, anywhere. The ProNect™ Data Platform is hosted on the cloud, so you can securely access data anywhere you have an internet connection.

Protect your research with
automatic data backup.


Stream live results from
connected instruments.


Keep Your Data Secured

ProNect™ Data Platform has a comprehensive information security architecture for data, network, platform and application security.

  • Privacy-First Design: Data privacy is our foremost information security strategy.
  • Continuous Encryption: Data is encrypted during transfer and storage.
  • Reliable Data Access: Regular backups and data center duplication.
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring: Advanced threat detection for real-time response.
  • Regular Security Testing: Leverages third-party penetration testing to strengthen security.

ProNect™ user account information and experimental data are private. Update data sharing options at any time from the ProNect™ Data Platform dashboard.

Vetting the security specs?

Get the details you need on the ProNect™ Data Platform security features.

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ProNect™ Apps

CellTiter-Glo® App

for MyGlo™ Reagent Reader

App provides assay setup guide and generates fully analyzed results for all CellTiter-Glo® Cell Viability Assays:

TPD Kinetic App

for GloMax® Discover and Explorer

App simplifies PROTAC-based, kinetic protein degradation data analysis and reporting for experiments integrating CRISPR-edited cell lines, Nano-Glo® reagents and GloMax® instruments:

Supported Instruments


MyGlo™ Reagent Reader

A personal 96-well reagent reader system for select Promega bioluminescent assays.

Download MyGlo™ setup instructions

Create ProNect™ account

Download Connect2ProNect software


GloMax® Explorer Microplate Reader

Multimode Plate Reader with Maximum Flexibility.

Download quick setup guide

Create ProNect™ account

Install new instrument software

Request instrument activation code

GloMax Discover System Multimode Plate Reader

GloMax® Discover Microplate Reader

Multimode Microplate Reader with Advanced Detection Capabilities.

Download quick setup guide

Create ProNect™ account

Install new instrument software

Request instrument activation code

MyGlo™ Reagent Reader, GloMax® Discover Microplate Reader and GloMax® Explorer Microplate Readers are for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Data Sharing Options

Learn more about what data is shared between your instrument and the ProNect™ Data Platform.

Download Datasheet

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