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As a proud sponsor of iGEM 2018, we provide tools, resources and comprehensive support to iGEM teams looking to make their project a success. Have specific questions about your project? Our scientists are ready to help with anything.

Ask The Experts Webinars

Crash Course Q&A

We hosted a live iGEM Crash Course Q&A featuring our Technical Service Scientists and an iGEM Lab Technician that answered questions submitted by iGEM teams about ligation, site-directed mutagenesis and cloning. Watch the recording to hear tips and tricks for successful experiments. 

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Advanced Techniques Q&A

On August 14, our panel of technical experts is back to help with your iGEM experimental planning, execution and troubleshooting. Join us for our second live iGEM Q&A webinar where our panelists will answer your questions about advanced techniques, including CRISPR.

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Promega iGEM Award

We're excited to announce the winners of our 2018 iGEM Product Award Grant. These ten teams all received $2,000 in free Promega products. Throughout the season, we'll be sharing updates on their projects and highlighting their accomplishments.


Country: United Kingdom

Project: Utilize by-products from whiskey production to create bioplastics

iGEM NYU Abu Dhabi

Country: United Arab Emirates

Project: Create a device to detect multiple pathogens in food

Makerere Uganda

Country: Uganda

Project: Engineer E. coli to degrade PET plastic


Country: United Kingdom

Project: Engineer Lactobacillus to detect Listeria monocytogenes in infected cheese


Country: China

Project: Create a "suicide system" to automatically destroy bacterial genomes to prevent intellectual property theft


Country: United States

Project: Engineer S. elongatus with a controlled pathway to produce and export sucrose for use in carbon sequestration


Country: United States

Project: Create a biosensor to detect arsenic pollution in soil and water


Country: Mexico

Project: Create novel psychobiotic treatments for depression and anxiety


Country: Indonesia

Project: Engineer E. coli to detect diphtheria infection

Unesp Brazil

Country: Brazil

Project: Create designer probiotics to offer an alternative treatment for type 1 diabetes

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