American Society for Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics (ASHI) 2023

San Antonio, Texas

ASHI brings together international professionals dedicated to advancing the science, education, and application of immunogenetics and transplant immunology.


From instrumentation and reagents to unwavering personalized support, Promega has supported the HLA community with dependable solutions for decades. Our team is dedicated to helping HLA labs overcome their lab challenges and enable their efforts to advance the science of immunogenetics and transplant immunology.

Superior Nucleic Acid Purification

Our proven, high-performance Maxwell® reagents and instrumentation enable you to overcome staffing shortages and increase lab turnaround time. Automated, easy-to-use, walk away solutions for a full range of sample types. Request a demo today!

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Informative Mixed Sample Analysis

Identify informative loci to resolve complex mixtures from related individuals or multiple sources using our reliable STR assays. With our benchtop CE Instrument, your samples can be run efficiently and detect a low percentage, minor contributor in a human mixture.

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Optimize NGS Library Preparation

Before beginning your library preparation, ensure the success of your sequencing run by assessing the quality, quantity and amplifiability of your purified DNA with our fluorescent quantitation and QC assays and instrumentation. Incorporate our size-selective purification system to control what sizes of DNA are retained or eliminated to get the most from your sequencing data.

Quantitation Solutions  |   ProNex® Size-Selective Purification System 

On-Demand Product Stocking Program

With Helix® on-site stocking solutions, you can maximize lab efficiency by ensuring your team has the necessary products they need, on-site, 24/7, to spend on their invaluable work and reduce the time they spend on non-essential activities (seeking product solutions, ordering, inventory management, reordering, etc.).

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Personalized Training and Support

We know it can be difficult to onboard a new product or workflow in your lab and keep personnel trained. That’s why our dedicated teams at Promega are here for you every step of the way—by providing simple protocols to facilitating on-site training of our reagents and instrumentation, as well as third-party HT automation solutions.

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Our Strategic Clinical Collaborations team is available to help you overcome your laboratory’s challenges.

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