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GenePrint® 24 System

Confidence for Mixed Sample Analysis

  • Track and confirm tissue specimen provenance and cell lineage
  • Detect contaminants, including extraneous tissue or mixed cell populations
  • Resolve complex mixtures from related individuals or multiple sources


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GenePrint® 24 System
100 reactions
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24-Locus STR System for Mixed Sample Analysis with Abundant Source Material

The GenePrint® 24 System is designed to generate a multilocus human DNA profile from a variety of human-derived biological sources. Relevant identification applications include:

  • Track and confirm tissue specimen provenance and cell lineage
  • Detect contaminants, including extraneous tissue or mixed cell populations
  • Test twin zygosity to determine whether twins are identical or fraternal
  • Determine fetal gender early in pregnancy
  • Databasing and biobanking

Configuration of the GenePrint® 24 System

The GenePrint 24 System allows co-amplification and five-color detection of 24 loci, D3S1358, D1S1656, D2S441, D10S1248, D13S317, D16S539, D18S51, D2S1338, CSF1PO, TH01, vWA, D21S11, D7S820, D5S818, TPOX, D8S1179, D12S391, D19S433, D22S1045, and FGA plus Penta E, Penta D, DYS391 and Amelogenin.

Improved Productivity, Better Detection of Low-Level Mixtures

GenePrint® 24 System is compatible with 2.5 to 5ng of extracted DNA samples with fewer PCR cycles in lower reaction volumes than previous STR systems. The small kit size (100 reactions) and low reaction volume (12.5µl) provides an economical benefit as well.

With the The GenePrint® 24 System you can:

  • Obtain optimal heterozygote balance using up to 5ng of DNA template
  • Achieve better consistency in detecting low level mixtures
  • Identify unique alleles to resolve complex mixtures from related individuals or multiple sources
  • Improve productivity with rapid-cycling and more loci
  • Simplify validation and continuity using loci in concordance with previously generated data
  • Implement a simple workflow matching your laboratory structure with protocols compatible for POP-4 and POP-7 in multiple CE instruments and capillary arrays
  • Use analysis methods for GeneMapper® and GeneMarker®
Higher Sample Input for Optimal Heterozygote Balance
Amplification of 2.5ng of human DNA using 27 cycles and the GenePrint® 24 System. Amplified products were separated on an Applied Biosystems® 3500xL Genetic Analyzer (1.6kV, 15 second injection).

Detection Instrument Compatibility and Data Analysis

The GenePrint® 24 System is compatible with the Applied Biosystems® 3130, 3130xl, 3500 and 3500xL Genetic Analyzers.

Panels and bins text files are required for automatic assignment of genotypes using the GeneMapper® and GeneMarker® software and are available for download.


What's in the box?

Item Part # SizeConcentrationAvailable Separately

GenePrint® 24 5X Primer Pair Mix

B179A 1 × 250μl

GenePrint® 24 5X Master Mix

B185A 1 × 250μl

GenePrint® 24 Allelic Ladder Mix

B186A 1 × 50μl

2800M Control DNA

DD710A 1 × 25μl10ng/μl View Product

WEN Internal Lane Standard 500

DG500A 1 × 200μl View Product

Water, Amplification Grade

DW099A 3 × 1,250μl View Product


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Certificate of Analysis

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Use Restrictions

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

Storage Conditions


See Protocol for detailed storage recommendations.




Patents and Disclaimers

U.S. Pat. No. 9,139,868, European Pat. No. 2972229 and other patents pending.

Australian Pat. No. 724531, Canadian Pat. No. 2,251,793 and other patents and patents pending.

U.S. Pat. No. 6,238,863 and other patents and patents pending.

Allele sequences for one or more of the loci vWA, FGA, D8S1179, D21S11 and D18S51 in allelic ladder mixtures is licensed under U.S. Pat. Nos. 7,087,380 and 7,645,580, Australia Pat. No. 2003200444 and corresponding patent claims outside the US.

TMR-ET, CXR-ET and WEN dyes are proprietary.

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