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Maxwell® and Maxprep™ Instruments

Maxwell® Instruments provide walk-away automated nucleic acid extraction from a variety of sample types. Using prefilled reagent cartridges and preprogrammed methods, Maxwell instruments deliver fast, reliable and consistent DNA and RNA purification, along with the flexibility to process the number of samples you need—processing anywhere from 1 to 48 samples per run. Maxwell® Instruments are available for research, in vitro diagnostic and forensic analysis applications. 

The Maxprep™ Liquid Handler performs Maxwell® sample preparation and post-extraction sample prep for quantitation, normalization and amplification setup. Together, Maxprep and Maxwell provide an automated sample prep solution that can be adapted to accommodate your laboratory’s purification needs.  Promega Portal Software maintains sample tracking information and passes information to and from the Maxwell® and Maxprep™ Instruments, removing potential human error and sample mix up. 

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Maxwell®  and Maxprep™ Instrument Basics

Automated DNA and RNA extraction saves laboratories time and labor costs, increases consistency in sample processing, and frees up staff to work on downstream analysis and data review. Maxwell® and Maxprep™ instruments provide an easy-to-implement modular solution that simplifies the path to automation for labs with medium-to-high-throughput purification needs.

The Maxwell® RSC Instrument is a compact, automated nucleic acid purification platform that processes up to 16 samples simultaneously, providing consistent, reliable DNA or RNA extraction in 25–60 minutes, depending upon sample type. 

The Maxwell® Clinical CSC automated nucleic acid extraction system is an in vitro diagnostic medical device specifically designed for clinical laboratories processing multiple samples for critical downstream assays. Manufactured under cGMP, the consistent performance of the Maxwell® CSC Instrument assures extraction of high-quality DNA or RNA from every run.  The Maxwell CSC automated nucleic acid extraction systems provides the ultimate versatility with dual mode software allowing the instrument to accommodate both IVD and RUO operating modes for both in vitro diagnostic and clinical research applications. 

The Maxwell® FSC Instrument, coupled with DNA-IQ™ chemistry, provides consistent, automated nucleic acid extraction from casework samples such as blood stains, semen stains, hairs, cigarette butts, tissues and trace DNA samples--making it an ideal tool for any Forensics Laboratory.