Infectious Disease Bioassays

Are you developing biologics or therapeutic molecules targeting infectious disease agents, like bacteria, fungi or viruses? Looking for off-the-shelf characterization assays designed for your quality needs? Promega offers enabling technologies, such as pseudotyped virus-like particles (PsVLPs), for drug and vaccine development against urgent viral threats (e.g., SARS-CoV-2, Ebola and Influenza A).

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An Introduction to Infectious Disease Bioassays

Infectious diseases, whether seasonal colds or the next pandemic, require constant surveillance and therapeutic innovation. New vaccines and therapeutics are being developed at rapid rates, but traditional methods for characterizing these therapeutics are often slow, require high biosafety or are difficult to implement consistently. Therefore, the demand is high for next-generation characterization technologies, such as HiBiT-PsVLP.

The HiBiT-PsVLP Bioassay utilizes split NanoBiT® luciferase technology to pair PsVLPs with target cells of interest to assess receptor binding and internalization, both in the presence or absence of inhibitors (e.g., monoclonal antibody). This versatile platform provides a rapid, safe and flexible solution tailored to your unique needs. The HiBiT-PsVLP Bioassay is ideal for adoption by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to advance their infectious disease research and development programs.