Glu-C, Sequencing Grade

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Cleaves at the C-Terminus of Either Aspartic or Glutamic Acid Residues

  • Optimal activity at pH 4–9
  • Ammonium and phosphate buffers can affect cleavage; see details in product information
  • Suitable for in-solution digestion; not recommended for in-gel digestion


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Glu-C, Sequencing Grade
$ 200.00
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This sequencing grade serine protease (S. aureus V8) specifically cleaves at the C-terminus of either aspartic or glutamic acid residues. In ammonium bicarbonate and ammonium acetate the enzyme specificity is higher at the glutamic residues. In phosphate buffers cleavage occurs at the aspartic and glutamic residues. Glu-C activity is optimal in the pH range of 4.0–9.0. This sequencing grade enzyme can be used alone or in combination with other proteases to produce protein digests for peptide mapping applications or protein identification by peptide mass fingerprinting or MS/MS spectral matching. It is suitable for digestion reactions in solution but not recommended for in-gel digestions. (S. aureus V8)

  • Peptide mapping
  • Protein identification
Trypsin for mass spec 8634ME


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Glu-C, Sequencing Grade

V165A 5 × 10μg

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