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rAsp-N, Mass Spec Grade

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Hydrolyzes Peptide Bonds N-Terminal to Aspartic Acid Residues

  • Less expensive alternative to native Asp-N
  • Larger volume (5X more protease) for more consistent resuspension
  • Use in complex proteomic analyses and peptide mapping of purified proteins


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rAsp-N, Mass Spec Grade
$ 546.00
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Overview 3d image for rAspN protease

Asp-N, Now Available in Recombinant Form

rAsp-N, Mass Spec Grade, is a recombinant protease that was cloned from Stenotrophomonas maltophilia and purified from E. coli. rAsp-N is a highly active protease suitable for proteomic analysis of complex mixtures as well as peptide mapping of purified proteins, such as therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. The protease is provided in 10µg aliquots in a conical vial for easy and consistent resuspension.

Efficient Protein Digestion in 1 Hour

Images shows rAsp-N digests N-terminal to aspartic acid residues.
Recombinant Asp-N provides efficient digestion of a yeast extract in 1 hour. Digestion efficiency was approximately 85% after 1 hour and increased only slightly (to approximately 91%) after overnight digestion.

Digestion N-Terminal to Aspartic Acid Residues

Image shows digestion efficiency of rAsp-N.
rAsp-N, Mass Spec Grade, digests yeast extract proteins primarily N-terminal to aspartic acid residues. Weak digestion at glutamic acid is observed in some cases.

Peptide Mapping with rAsp-N or Trypsin/Lys-C

Peptide mapping with rAsp-N and Trypsin/Lys-C.
Base peak chromatograms showing digestion of NISTmAb for 18 hours with rAsp-N (Panel A; 50:1 w:w) or with Trypsin/Lys-C (Panel B; 25:1 w:w). Digests were analyzed with a Q Exactive™ Plus mass spectrometer (Thermo Fisher Scientific). Sequence coverage from each digest is shown in the table (Panel C).


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rAsp-N, Mass Spec Grade

VA116A 1 × 10μg


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