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Lys-C, Mass Spec Grade

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Protease for Challenging Protein Digestions

  • Active under strong denaturing conditions
  • C-terminal (Lys-C) lysine cleavage
  • Generates longer peptides than with tryptic protein digestion


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Lys-C, Mass Spec Grade
$ 490.00
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Active Under Strong Denaturing Conditions

Endoproteinase Lys-C, Mass Spec Grade, is a highly-purified serine protease that hydrolyzes specifically at the carboxyl side of lysines. Lys-C retains proteolytic activity under strong protein denaturing conditions such as 8M urea, which can be used to improve digestion of proteolytically resistant proteins. Lys-C, Mass Spec Grade, has optimal activity in the range of pH 7.0—9.0. This protease can be used alone or in combination with other proteases to produce protein digests for peptide mapping applications or protein identification by peptide mass fingerprinting or MS/MS spectral matching.

Digestion Under Strong Denaturing Conditions

Lys-C or Lys-N protein digestion under strong denaturing conditions.
Panel A. One-step protein digestion under strong denaturing conditions. Panel B. Two-step protein digestion using strong denaturing conditions for the first step and diluting for trypsin digestion in the second step.

Native Lys-C Interchangeable with Recombinant Lys-C

Comparison of recombinant and native Lys-C protein digestions.

Comparison of lysine-specific cleavages. Mass Spec-Compatible Yeast Protein Extract, Intact (Cat.# V7341) was digested with either rLys-C (P. aeruginosa; Cat.# V1671) or native Lys-C (Lysobacter sp.; Cat.# VA1170) at a ratio of 1:100.


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Lys-C Mass Spec Grade

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