Automated DNA and RNA Extraction with Tecan

  • Simple load and go extraction
  • Save months in development time with verified methods
  • Customization facilitated by elite support

Flexible and simple to operate, Tecan automation workstations used in combination with Promega extraction kits offer fast and precise high-throughput automated extraction of nucleic acids. Save months in development time with verified methods or by leveraging elite support from Promega scientists and Tecan experts, to build custom methods that suit your needs. All that’s left for you to do is load your samples and go!

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Choose Pre-Configured or Custom Extraction Methods for Your Tecan Automation Workstation

Customize your methods with help from Promega scientists and Tecan experts

We can offer support developing DNA and RNA extraction methods for any sample, any scale and any application. Using Promega chemistries on Tecan automation workstations gives you comprehensive instrument and method technical support from an elite team of field support scientists.

ready to go extraction kits

Automating your workflow is easier with dedicated support from an experienced partner. Promega Field Support Scientists have biochemical and instrumentation expertise with Tecan's Freedom EVO® and Fluent® (e.g. DreamPrep® NAP configuration). Don't have an instrument yet? Learn more about the DreamPrep® NAP platform or request a quote from Tecan.

DNA or RNA Extraction at Scale from Any Sample Type, Optimized for Tecan's Fluent® (e.g. DreamPrep® NAP configuration) and Freedom EVO®

DNA Extraction RNA/TNA Extraction Plasmid DNA Extraction DNA & RNA Clean-Up
Whole Blood/Saliva
Cloning and Transfection-Grade Plasmid
DNA Clean-Up and Size Selection
Large Volume (10ml) Blood
Viral Total Nucleic Acid (TNA)
BigDye Clean-Up
Wastewater-Viral TNA
Liquid Biopsy Serum/Plasma ccfDNA



Plant and Food

Please contact us to discuss your sample type of interest. We can accommodate the sample types listed above and many more


Promega Assay Scale-Up and Custom Support on Tecan's Fluent® (e.g. DreamPrep® NAP configuration) and Freedom EVO®

Promega Field Support Scientist have experience automating on a wide range of platforms and throughput scales—from a few to hundreds or thousands of samples.

We not only help you to scale the number of samples processed, but also the amount of biological material. For example, we can help you process just a few microliters of blood or FFPE samples.

With decades of experience in building tailored automated solutions, we’ll help you customize the scale, application, and chemistry exactly to your needs, regardless of platform—the only limit is your imagination. 

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Tecan Fluent480 with Frida Reader

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On-site Implementation

We schedule our onsite work so that it best fits your schedule.

Take the first step to simplify your automation solution today! Our team of experts are ready to help you develop and implement a high-throughput solution for your laboratory.

Our collection of Nucleic Acid Purification Application Notes provides protocol details and purification data for many sample types.

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