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Maxwell® HT ccfDNA Kit, Custom


High-Throughput Extraction of Cell-Free DNA

  • Supports a wide range of input volumes, including up to 8.0ml
  • Higher yields than competing systems
  • For Research Use Only; Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures

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This product is discontinued
Maxwell® HT ccfDNA Kit, Custom

Automated Purification of High-Quality, Amplifiable ccfDNA

The Maxwell® HT ccfDNA Kit can be used for high-throughput, automated purification of circulating cell-free DNA (ccfDNA) from up to 96 samples of plasma with input volumes of 1.0–8.0ml. Protocols are already available for the following automated platforms:

Hamilton Microlab® STAR

ThermoScientific KingFisher™ Flex

Quantitation of Isolated ccfDNA by qPCR


DNA isolated from various input volumes using the Maxwell® HT ccfDNA Kit and the Qiagen QIAamp® ccfDNA/RNA kit is quantitated using qPCR. Yields using the Promega system are consistently higher when similar input volumes are used. Only the Promega system is capable of starting from as much as 8.0ml of input volume.

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